A friggin awesome person who loves every one.
but loves ppl with the name spencer the most... also is very sweetnessskinessskiness
she is such a greta
by supskis January 24, 2009
Top Definition
(n.) A classy, beautiful, well-dressed, artistic woman with a down-to-earth nature. She may or not possess physical traits of red hair, pleasant eyes, delicate bone structure, and full lips. A Greta tends to be a perfectionist, often holding herself to very high standards. This woman is very responsible, self aware, intelligent, logical, conscientious, and determined. Often guarded upon meeting new people, she is likely to assess you accurately and get to know you better if she finds you worthy of her time. Greta's tend to be kind, sensitive, caring, and loyal within close relationships.
I wish I was a Greta! Of course I'm bringing Greta home to meet my parents. Why would I want to marry her if she's not a Greta??
by W. J. Seiler February 02, 2010
a very intelligent funny athletic girl who is easily sidetracked. ta person with this name would be very energetic.others would think she is high but she is easy to love.not easy to offend.
"you look like a Greta today."
by emily shalings March 05, 2010
A sexy girl who every guy wants. A Greta usually is responsible, respectable, religious, beautiful, brunette and smart. Also a Greta usually has a nice ass. She is somewhat quiet, but very VERY kinky. She is stubborn at times, but loved by many and fun to be around. She definitely has a sense of humor!
Guy: Damn, Greta looks so hot right now.
Other guy: I wish I could be with her!
by connerkidd July 16, 2011
A fun, stunningly beautiful, sarcastic girl. She is super nice and fiercely loyal to her closest friends. Though somewhat shy at first once she gits to know you her personality blossoms in front of you. Gretas look quiet and innocent from the outside but have a vivacious sexual appetites.
Wow! who is that?
That is Greta, the hardest and best get in the whole school.
by anne6695 June 19, 2011
A greta is someone who is easy to get a long with and doesn't gossip. A Greta is usually Brunette with a tinge of red and is a really tallented, intelegent, Beautiful Girl. A Greta enjoys music and cooking and loves animals, she is very sporty and always has friends around her to support her
Georgia: Hey, How are you?
Greta: I am really good and how are you?
Georgia: I am really good aswell (geez Greta is nice!)
by OMGOMGOMG1954 November 11, 2011
A web-whoops. One of the most common internet misspellings, where the intended word was "great" but the fingers were faster than the brain, and the brain forgot to spell-check. Other examples are coming and account, becoming "comign" and acocunt.

Excusable in ordinary conversation, but a disaster in an argument or flame war.
I took my son to Chuck E Cheese, it was greta!

Did you see the game? it was greta!

For vacation, we went to the Greta Lakes.
by LabMomma November 03, 2009
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