Short for Gretrieg i.e. the douchebag who ruined DragonRealms: The Fallen (a pvp server) by spending thousands and thousands of dollars to acquire dozens of high level characters with which to zerg his enemies; for he sucked mightily at pvp. Using this tactic he was successful at driving most veteran players from the game.
"Who is the most pathetic person you've ever come across in an MMORPG? Let me tell you about gret"
by lorekeeper April 01, 2007
Top Definition
Townie slang for a Cigarette
oi mate got a spare gret?
by Street September 21, 2003
a cigarette,fag,cancer sticks,
oi blad do u bun bear gret?
by nanglad10 May 08, 2006
Mispronunciation of the word great, used when talking to rednecks and other such dumb, non-speaking bastards.
Yes sir-ree BOB!!! Wee's gone have us a GRET time!!!
by k_sadler July 13, 2004
Scottish slang - past tense of greet - cry. Similar in use to wept.
See that comedy on TV? I near gret with laughter.
by Phantomjordan June 12, 2010
a misspelling of "great"
i pwn yuo gretly.
by teh mech June 17, 2003
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