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The superlative form of greatest (i.e. great, greater, greatest, greit). Generally used amongst friends to approve of each other or something someone has done, as one could also use words like 'awesome' or 'cool'. Often interpreted as a simple misspelling, it is not rarely used in a giggly or ironic context.
The word originated on Shiven, a popular server for the game Enemy Territory.
1. Boy #1: I can spin my right arm in clockwise circles, and my right leg in counter-clockwise circles at the same time! Try it out!
Boy #2: Holy buttsex! You're so greit!

2. Teacher: "Little Jimmy, finish this sequence: great, greater ..?
Little Jimmy: greatest, greit.
Teacher: Good job Jimmy, I think it's safe to say you are quite greit yourself!
by sH|Oblivion* August 27, 2010

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