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One of the most brilliant TV shows in world history, a show that only a true hipster can appreciate. It is about a world where puppets and humans coexist on the set of "Sweetknuckle Junction", a failing children's educational show. Some of the best characters are Count Blah, the vampire with the hilarious verbal tic, and Warren Demontague, the dramatic monkey with a football helmet and a ripe additude. On a sad note, this show was canceled because FOX couldn't stand how witty it was, but the 2-disc set (which came out on my birthday) is phenomenal, yet short.
Bring back Greg!!!!!!!
by Blackwood June 23, 2005
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1. A failed tv show about a world where humans and puppets (or, fabricated Americans) live together. They even can have sex with each other.
2. A bunny in that show who befriends a character played by Seth Green (gee, i wonder why it failed)
We can sing and dance, and we don't need pants, see we're just… like… you.
by MaSh92587 August 06, 2004
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