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Cap•u•llo | noun
Capullo, Gregory (1962-present), Greatest artist to ever live.
Best artist to ever draw Marvel Comics titles such as 'X-Force' and the lesser known title 'Quasar'. Helped Image Comics Co-Founder Todd McFarlane further popularize his title character 'Spawn', giving him his signature look; thus making Capullo the Best artist who ever drew Spawn. After years out of the field Capullo came back with a BOOM, first doing layouts, then pencilling Image Comics new character 'Haunt' and showing the industry who was still boss. After a short but great run on Haunt, Capullo has moved to DC comics relaunched 'Batman' title, giving the character new life and making Batman the BEST of DC's 52 new relaunched titles. In shorter terms, Greg Capullo is the most Bad-Ass Mother F***er Alive!
I never liked DC comics much, then I found out GREG CAPULLO was the artist on DC comics Batman! Now I buy Batman EVERY month!
by TheVinz92 January 09, 2012
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