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Located in the MS delta region. Public schools are 99% black. White kids flock to the last remaining school where they still comprise 60% White parents pay for segregation academies. Most live on the NE side of historic Grand Blvd. White trash, blacks, elderly, live on NW side, slum on east.
Mosquitos, flies abound. Birds cover cars in shit a lot. Police are scary and love to make dramatic arrests if they suspect foul play. One downtown street for the moneyed. 4 star hotel, bookstore with cafe upstairs & screened porch. Viking Cooking school, culinary store. Most around it vacant.
Eat well at Crystal Grill, Flatland Grill, Giardina's, Delta Bistro, Mai Little China, Steven's BBQ.
The only thing to do here is stay home, go out to eat, or go to church. One cliquish white restaurant/bar called Webster's. If you're not from Greenwood don't expect camaraderie.
Well over half the population believe in God. There is 1 known atheist. It will suck the life out of you if you enjoy culture, embrace diversity, intelligent, or bad fit for established order.
Conservative. Christian.

Healthcare is fatal, unless you can find a doctor who'll take you or sit in E.R. hours for less than a minute with doc for $1200.
Will be proselytized if they suspect you don't drink the kool-aid.
Gossip is rampant. 2-3 downtown festivals.
Church lady: Gawd punished me for not goin' to church Sunday. Got a patch of dang skeeter bites.

Society woman: I'm havin' a cocktail party Thursday at 6:00. Servin' hors d,veures and martinis. Don't tell Mary Ann. Greenwood MS Junior Auxilary won't take her. Her husband is part Cherokee, and her kids don't go to Pillow.

Family on SNAP:
Kid: Mama, I'm hungry for green beans.
Mama: All we got is pork rinds and sunbeam bread. Make a sandwich. I don't get no more checks for 10 more days.
Kid: Ain't you found no job yet?
Mama: I quit lookin' after all them people I asked said no. Miss Mary Ann might need her guest house cleaned on Friday though.

Farmer: Boy do I remember when Greenwood was the cotton capital of the world. And the black folks lived behind my plantation in them shanties, and was happy to work for food and a matress to sleep on! Now the fed. pays 'em to live in Baptist town and not work fer nobody! Mississipi ain't what it used to be. South will rise again one day.

Farmer's wife: Have you seen "The Help" Joe Bob? Goin' to Redbox down at the Dollar General.

Farmer: Naw Mary Ann, and I ain't goin' to. Now make me some collards.

Farmer's wife: Mary Jo is comin' home next week when she's through with exam at Ole Miss.

Farmer: Jes make sure she doesn't spend all her clothes allowance at the boutique downtown. $1000 is all she's gettin' this semester.
by primrose quinn October 29, 2013
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