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Possibly the worst place on Earth to live. For entertainment the citizens of Greenville Ohio go to Walmart and walk around, play hide and seek, ride around on bicycles, or just watch people. You cannot stand outside on the sidewalk for more than five minutes without seeing a white guy that thinks he is black. Greenville Ohio needs to get General Larry Platt to come here and do a concert so that the white boys will stop sagging their pants to the ground. If you live in Greenville you either live in the "ghetto" or on a farm in the country in the middle of nowhere.
Guy 1: "Man don't you think living in Greenville Ohio would be awesome?"

Guy 2: "No dude, that place is comparable to hell."
by such&such April 04, 2010
The most boring town you will ever see. Full of white trash, and wanna be 'gangsters'. to live in this town, is comparable to living in hell.
boy: hey, you wanna go to greenville Ohio?

girl: nah, id rather get raped.
by gnattipoo July 22, 2009
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