A high school filled with hicks, wanna-be gangsters, creeps, and children who's parents are closely related. There are about 50 or so "normal people" in this high school, the rest are just plain weird. Sports just aren't Greenville High School's thing, but they excel at FFA and choir. The majority of the teachers don't really teach anything and you really have to try pretty hard to not pass the classes. Earning a high school diploma from Greenville High School is comparable to "graduating" from middle school. Only about 25% of students from Greenville High school go on to college and only about 10% actually graduate from college. Most of the employees of fast food restaurants in the state of Ohio went to Greenville High School.
Person 1: "Welcome to Burger King, may I take your order please?"

Person 2: "Yeah, um, did you go to Greenville High School?"

Person 1: "Yes I did, that's why I'm still working at Burger King at age 37."
by iwork@mcd's April 13, 2011

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