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A school is south greensburg that it filled with sluts, douchebags, and self-centers bitches.Girls fuck anyone and everyone. Guys will play you in a heartbeat. Rumors and pictures are spread daily. If your not a preppy little rich asshole, your hated by everyone. You cant trust anyone, tell a secret the whole school with know by the end of the day. The teachers are smelly old perverts. Terrible school overall. Long story short, a true hell hole.
guy1; 'hey did you hear about the teacher who got arrestest for sexually harrasssing a student!?'
guy2; 'yeah dude he taught at greensburg central catholic!'
by scene kid7834 January 08, 2011
the worst fucking place on earth. im sitting in this building right now writing about how much i hate this fucking place and all of the people in it.
and mr. fav is the biggest doughebag on the planet.
thank you
"hey man where you go to skewl?!"
"i go to gcc maaafaa! i fucking hate it there."
"aw man that blows"
by karebear is awesome September 25, 2008
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