(Fill in definition describing Greenpeace HERE).
It is alarming how Greenpeace manipulates the (FILL IN DISAPPROVING ADJECTIVE HERE) population. For example, criticisms include (FILL IN A COUPLE OF DISTURBING FACTS HERE.)
by FILL IN NAME HERE April 06, 2008
The left-wing equivalent of the Daily Mail. Despite their occasionally making a valid point, you have to wade through a mountain of bullshit, scientific illiteracy, alarmism, and extremist lies to find it.
"Despite the fact that nuclear power allows France to have the cleanest air in the world, we at Greenpeace are against it anyway beacuse... well isn't it to do with bombs or missiles or something?"
by Zamzara October 10, 2007
Fucking hippies who deserve to be beaten with 2x4s.
'OMFG! Stop the evilness! We must stop eating meat, stop cutting down trees and stop doing many things vital to our way of life.'

'STFU hippie.'

*shoots hippie*
by AJAW August 09, 2004
Where a lot of hot women hang out at. Straight men who dress decently, are half-built and have a decent dick will get the hottest greenpeace girls in thier bed. Most men who join it are only there for the hot ass. Most of the women there are single and have below average BMI's.

In general, they are an organization that protests against anything that destroys out environment.
Man 1-"So I'm going to Greenland on a huge boat owned by Greenpeace to protest against the hunting of penguins this week"
Man 2-"Your gay man"
Man 1-"I'm there for the ass....tell you the truth"
Man2-"I was doubting you there for a little bit"
Man 2-"Can i join????"
Man 1-"Your fat as a pig"
by UUIIO February 18, 2007

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