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Piece of shit small town where teen pregnancies are nothing but the usual. The ball flats is where the drugs are at, and pizza is your only choice of food. Fieldhockey and Wrestling is big and weed is something you grow up around.
lets get the fuck outta Greene, NY.
by Kitty and GummyBear August 17, 2011
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a rural town near Binghamton, NY where you know everyone and the news spreads fast. the main sport focus is field hockey and football. the ball flats is the main gathering place fro town picnics and fairs
lets go to Greene, NY for the fair
by honeyboobooluvsu January 20, 2013
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A nice small town were bonfires are the usual, its full of rednecks, punks, "emos", suicidal/misguided teens, and eating disorders. We also have the occasional child molesters, and sex offenders. The ball flats are usually were the drugs are at, but you can find some nice people...on occasion. The highlights of Greene is the sports. The main attention goes out to the phenomenal wrestlers, field hockey girls, and football. You may see everybody in Greene at these events. Oh, and not to mention the most exciting day of the school year...Ride your tractor to school day. As you drive by you can see them parked on the front lawn near the high school entrance.
"Come on boys! Its Greene, NY ride your tractor to school day! Dont forget to attend the bonfire tonight! Oh and dont forget your drugs on your way out!"
by tissuepaper July 03, 2013
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