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the people of greene county mostly all live in the middle of nowhere on the blue ridge mountains. their favorite places to hang out are at the foodlion and sheetz. the highschool's football team hasn't won more than one or two games a season in about 50 years and all the surrounding schools make fun of how lame WMHS is. the name of the most awesome person that lives there is josie. it's a small town with farms and smelly cows and country music (yuck) but when the sun rises and sets on the blue ridge, it's the most wonderful place in the world.
A typical conversation in Greene County Virginia would be:

Josie- "hey kiersten, what do you want to do?"
Kiersten- "hmm... lets go to foodlion!"
Josie- "Great idea! I bet we'll see everybody else we know there! Party!"
by Greene Countian November 22, 2011
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