The way retarded snotty arrogant narcicist cocky Nightwish-obsessed pricks spell or "speel" Green Day.

Me: No. It's GREEN DAY YOU IDIOT. And they are better than Nightwish.
by Blahb April 22, 2005
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A great band that have brought out many fantastic albums and became big in 1994 with the album called Dookie. But have had other albums suchas Nimrod, Imsomniac and Warning.
The members in Green Day are Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong.
"Woah I have liked Green Day since back in the Dookie Days"
by PeRsOn0101 September 11, 2005
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A day spend entirly being high or just smoking weed/marujuana. Also a mainstream punk band.BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!Green day rock! They changed their name to green day from sweet children when they themselves had a green day. They now say they have quit taking drugs but they openly admit that sometimes you might find them blazing(smoking pot
Guitar/Vocals-Billie joe armstrong,34
Bass/Vocals-Mike Dirnt,34
Drums/Vocals-Tre cool(Frank Edwin Wright III),33
Additonal Guitarist/Vocals-Jason White,32
The number 1 band in the world???....???...Green Day!!!!!
by guitarhead September 03, 2006
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1. a day wasted smoking pot. john kiffeysomething, the old drummer from the band green day came up with it and also wrote a song about it. comes from sesame street. the guys were fucked up, eating cereal and watching sesame street, big bird said green day, they thought it was funny.
2. a song by al sobrante (aka john kiffeysomething) appears on 1039/smoothed out slappy hours.
3. a band
dude, every day this week was a green day. thats like 20 days man!
"Pictures sounds
Of moving insects so surreal"
i saw green day play yesterday.
by catherine March 04, 2005
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An amazingly great bad with educating and meaningful lyrics. Often associated with getting your Green Day hit everyday, often someone isn't truly with it/awake/living if they haven't had theire Green Day hit/fix.
Yo Dude, I haven't had my Green Day fix yet........Ah, thats better.
by Roxy February 01, 2005
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A fantastically awesome band that has been around since 1988. They got started when Billie Joe Armstrong met Mike Pritchard (Mike Dirnt for you ignoramuses who obsess about how 'hotttt' Billie Joe is.), and voila! Sweet Children was born.

They've had a very long career that has produced 9 albums of phenomenal material. Beginning with 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, (which was a compilation of the EP'sSlappy,39/Smooth, and 1,000 Hours), and the most recent being American Idiot, frequently referred to as the sellout album.

It is a frequent mistake of prepubescent girls that the only member of the band is frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

Mike Dirnt plays bass in Green Day.

Tre Cool is the drummer of Green Day.

Billie Joe Armstrong is not the only member in Green Day.

True fans listen to all the music by Green Day
by plain old me July 13, 2006
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one of the greatest bands ever. IF you morons understood American Idiot, you'd probably like it... its a rock opera people (see the Who's Quadraphenia), its a story... you cant make fun of a single because all of the songs are connected... christ.
purist 1- man green day sucks now because a lot of people like their music
me- groans and turns up Jesus of Suburbia
by Demosthenes March 11, 2005
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