A common mis-spelling of the band Green Day. I know we all make typos, but if you like the band, you should at least try to spell their name correctly.
"OMGZ I LuV greenday!!1!1!1"
by christie road January 15, 2006
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A once kick ass punk band
They started out as "Sweet Children" Playing an infamous punk club called gillmans street
later touring the u.s. and making two albums before releasing a punk masterpiece: Dookie
This did attract a lot of younger people and the people of gillmans street labeled them sell outs

In response Green day released Insomniac

A bit like dookie except a bit harder and faster

Then after that i call the downfall
They released Nim rod: A weird experimentation of Green day's sound then they released Warning
A bit more "poppy"

Then they released the all terrible: American idiot which they are now known for
If you really apreciate green day

you would of liked their first four albums
1. 39/smooth

2. 1,039/smoothed out slappy hours (combination of first album and EP's
3. Dookie
4. Insomniac
Me: You have failed to recognize the true talent of green day
by The open minded metal listener December 19, 2010
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alright, all of you need to shut the fuck up about green day being sellouts. even if they do want to make a living, you shouldnt give a fuck if they have good music. if you dont think they have good music, go ahead and think that i dont care. Just because they want to make a living, doesnt mean that they dont care about the music. good god you guys need to get a LIFE. yes, i like all kinds of punk, underground to pop/punk (only occasionally.) IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT THE ATTITUDE OF THE BAND IS, YOU DONT HAVE TO CARE ABOUT LYRICS. anyhow, back to the definition.

Green Day is my particular favorite 90s and 20th century punk rock bands. made up of guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool. (there is another guy but i havent been able to figure out his name. if that guy's reading this YOU ARE THE MAN.) I PERSONALLY do not think that they quite revolutionized Punk rock music, but certainly made it interesting.
person one "dude green day sucks, they're such sellouts."

by Woodrobs January 09, 2005
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best band of all time. all of their songs are good. american idiot is a great album, along with dookie, nimrod, and all of their CDs. Green Day is made of billie joe armstrong, tre cool and mike dirnt. they rock. seriously- go see them in concert, you will not be dissapointed. they did not sell out, they just became more popular. why not share great music? it's annoying that it's cool to hate famous bands and that it is cool to like not famous bands. trying to be an individual still only makes you part of the crowd.
green day kicks ass and if you disagree, fuck you.
by that's miss bitch to you September 03, 2005
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the name greenday actually came from an episode of bert and ernie-sesame street where they said something like "what a greenday" everyone else who thinks their name came from the concept of smokeing marijuana are stupid.
their name before greenday was sweet children. True greenday fans know these facts!%@^%
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A decent band that earned the nick-name 'sell-outs' because their latest album, American Idiot, was popular.
Bruce: Gawd, Green Day is just a sell-out band. They aren't as good as they used to be.

Wayne: Why, because their album did well, and they gained a bunch of new fans?

Bruce: Well, the fans are a bunch of tweens that never listened to their old albums.

Wayne: Wow. I didn't know you had to like EVERY album and EVERY song they made in the past to be a fan of their current work. Dipshit.
by LadyHailey August 27, 2008
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1. A band which kicks major ass.
2. Saint Patrick's Day
3. A good day to smoke up.
1. Green Day is off the heezy.
2. Tomorrow is Green Day!
3. I'm bored, I think it's time for a Green Day.
by Chris Johnson January 08, 2004
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