The greatest pop punk band of all time. They are not punk, despite what many ignorant people say, their last punk album was Insomniac, ever since then, they've been pop punk, until 21st Century Breakdown; this was when they switched to power pop. They are occasionally combined with emo shitty bands, but NEVER compare them to those dicks.
I just listened to Green Day for the first time, and now I'm going to go out and buy one of their albums!
by Cpage17 February 03, 2015
A great alternative/rock band that is mistaken to be listened to by today's teenagers and wanna be goths. But, is really just a great band that deserves more credit than they get.
Hey what's your favorite band?

Green Day.

You wanna be goth! You probably don't even know any other rock bands.

No? I just think it's a good band, and yes I do listen to more than Green Day. They're just my favorite band in my favorite genre of music...
by Surfergirl November 17, 2014

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