posers..green day are posers. They USED to be cool (there old music) but now there gay. AKA American Idiot. psh please.
Person with sence of music: Omg your so stupid, you shall never breathe again *pulls out a 9 and shoots them in the head four times*
by Rachel February 24, 2005
American Idiots who just released their new CD "American Idiot" which is by far the worst Green Day CD ever to be released and also far worse than anything you would have ever imagined being released by this great fucking band.
I'm so bummed...the new Green Day CD fuckin blows.
by I'm bummed out man September 25, 2004
Green Day is one of the worst rock bands in the history of life itself. They are a pop/punk band from somewhere on this Earth, which nobody cares. They suck complete ass. Billy Joe is a terrible singer and cannot play guitar. Their bassist and drummer both suck too.

Contrary to popular beleif, Green Day is not good.

According to my statistics, 79% of all 14 year old boys & girls like Green Day.

According to my other statistics, Green Day pumped 79% of all 14 year old boys & girls full of drugs to make them like Green Day.
If Tenacious D or Iron Maiden played at a Green Day show, every single one of the little 13 year old Green Day fans would dissappear of this Earth. So would Greenday.
by the one who worships Tenacious D February 28, 2006
A bollox rock band. rock sux - Garage , Drum and Bass and HipHop r the best.
Green Day ?!?!?!?! u gotta b jokin. Listen to some propa music!
by Loop (yik) April 07, 2005
A shithouse band that tweenies think are real rock but its worse than avril lavigne. They used to be good before american idiot but now they suck fat cock

Oh and by the way:
Hey girls! Billie Joe Armstrong will never fuck you
omfg!!11111 have youuu heerrd boulivard of bwoken dwweams by gwween day, its like so hard core

me: you suck, go listen to real rock like sum 41, korn or even rummenstein but YOU WOULDNT KNOW WHAT THAT IS, WOULD YOU SWWWIIINNNNNNNEEEE
by scott March 11, 2005
These guys are gay. Period.
Green Day blows monkey balls.
by Nick March 16, 2005
a punk rock band which are well worth worshipping. Not the greatest band ever but pretty darn great.
Billie Joe of Green Day can't sing live
Tomorrow will be a Green Day
by Tom Reeves June 14, 2003
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