I had a lot of respect for green day until the came out with american idiot. Which means they sold out and started to do the waaaaa our life sucks emo shit. But I still give a lot of credit to them for every album before american idiot.
the sadest thing about green day is there is actually 4 people in there they barely ever show the 4th guy but he does all the solo's. at least on the new album.
by Nick February 05, 2005
a good band at first but then went the way of all the other mtv sell out bands, and now with the release of american idiot they lick balls.
Green day used to kick ass with dookie, but now they lick balls b/c they sold out to mtv like all the other poser punk rock bands, burn in hell mtv!!
by towelie January 02, 2005
sucky all of thier songs are sucky
All of Green Day songs are sucky
by Joe Mama'S DADDY October 04, 2006
The Worst Fucking Band Ever. They Think They are punk rock, but they are POP!!!!
Green Day Is The Worst Band Ever
by Nicky P November 30, 2005
A sellout California punk band whose lead singer sounds like Bob Dylan on extreme doses of Ritalin. Their latest hit, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is an annoying, over-played piece of dogshit.
Listen to Metal Music
by I Hate Conformists April 15, 2005
The best band in the world ever!,
Ive only been into punk and rock music 4 about a year but they are amazing,
also they make me think about polotics, not many bands can say that! saw them live on thier American Idiot tour last week in Nottingham!
Just amazing!
Plus how gorgeous is Billie Joe!
Thier all like my Idols!
Theyve changed my taste in music forever!
Punk band 1988(year i was born)- present day
by Becca February 03, 2005
one of the best punk rock bands ever though american idiot is not htere best album
green day fucking rocks
by nat March 21, 2005

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