A horrible excuse for punk. They give punk a bad name.
Teenie:Lyke i just lyke got Green Days new cd!

Me:Fuck off you cunt, listen to The Clash, or Lower Class Brats.


by Jacob Crim January 08, 2005
An pharse derived from the early days of Langley Park secondary information to insult someone who is being a bit emo.

Extension of "green" is obligatory.
by morgangills November 12, 2004
1. A day in which people smoke mj.

2. A band in which you need a green day to enjoy. They are horrible yet people like them simply because they have been pushed with a social agenda to corrupt the US with such crappy songs like "Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot" and other pieces of crap people seem to call "music". THEY ARE NOT TO BE CLASSIFIED AS BEING A PUNK ROCK BADN, BUT RATHER A POP ROCK BAND LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS.
1. Gah, I need a green day today; you got some mj?

2. Ew, gross did you hear that shitty band called green day? Blah, they make me wanna hurl.
by ndh777 August 31, 2007
You guys are retards (except the people that had definitions similair to this one). Green Day ARE in fact sell outs, they only made the American Idiot album to appeal to all the poser pop-punk faggots out there. If you think Green Day is punk, your very wrong, they were somewhat punk at one point (in their earlier days). They used to be good, but now they are pop-punk faggoty teenybopper sell outs. If you want to hear real punk, go download some Aus Rotten, Anti-Flag, the Casualties, the Addicts, and many more, mostly underground punk rock bands that sing about true politics and not just saying "American Idiot".
by 434 August 14, 2005
A punk-turned-pop band who produced two underground Punk albums in the late 80's, early 90's, then went on to bigger, more commercial things, (though they lost their indie status, still considered to be quality punk rock) until the release of American Idiot; known by any real fan of punk rock to be the most insultingly pathetic release to date. It picks up where Blink 182 left off in turning a genre (punk) of insanely warped guitar melodies and meaningful, thought-provoking lyrics into mushy love songs and half-assed, pretentious bitching, all to attract a new generation of 13 year old girls, (most likely moving on from the hip hop trend) seeing a Green Day vid on MTv and going to Hot Topic to buy some anarchy shoe laces, claiming to be Punks, when they know NOTHING about the genre or ACTUAL Punk rock. (They also tend to have very poor grammar, refer to themselves as bois and gurls. This is probably a clinging trend from the hip hop phase they were interested in last week.) And another thing; you're supposed to like a band because you like their music, not because you think the lead singer is how you bunch of Good Charlotte douche bags.
Here's my example: (a comparison)
Green Day - American Idiot (the song):
A brief, meaningless rant, picking up on the Hot Topic/MTv trend of saying you're a rebel, yet... Green Day is the only "punk" band you've ever even heard of. Also, proof that Billie Joe is lyrically retarded.
Bad Religion - any album/song ever produced: Bad Religion are a REAL punk band that has been making punk rock since the 70's, with the likes of Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, Rancid, and hundreds of other bands little Greenday pop-punks probably have never heard of.
Their music is not only political (it's one thing to say "Oh, I don't wanna' be an 'American Idiot'" "Oh, rednecks are stupid" "Down with Bush!" It's another thing to actually write meaningful lyrics about it that actually inspire intellectual thought, rather than MTv raves.
by TrippleZero July 12, 2005
The worst band ever.
"Why did we lost money on an stupid concert like these one?"
by Josesinho June 08, 2005
A bunch of high gays who one morning got out of their bed after a long night of gangbanging each other and started a sad faggoty excuse for a rock band!
Green Day Merchandise(aka Horseshit) that is bought, will send the purchaser to hell.
>Satan: Hello Ladies!Do you know why you're here?
>Dumb White Hos: uh...
>S: You're here because you own merchandise with 2 words that are synonymous to Horse Shit
>DWH: Snoop Doggy Dogg?
>S: Thats not 2.. fuck it.
by Good Charlotte May 02, 2005
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