1. A day spent smoking weed, usually out of boredom.
2. A pop-punk band formed in 1988, with many good songs out like "When I come around", "Time of Your Life", "Why do you want him?" and more. I discovered them in 5th grade when hearing Boulevard of Broken Dreams on the radio. I looked them up and, well, fell in love with their old stuff as well as new (but preferring pre-American Idiot). But then, I discovered something in 6th grade called real punk. I really got into The Stooges, The Ramones, The Clash, Misfits, Sex Pistols, etc. A year later, I listened to American Idiot for the first time in years and came to a conclusion: that (new) Green Day, while being pseudo-punk and somewhat annoying, is a pretty unique band. Compare them to the other stuff that's out today!

HOWEVER, Green Day started an epidemic of a new breed of poser. It's when someone aged 8-13 believes they are "seeeeew punk rawk" when they listen to Green Day, Blink 182, or Avril Lavigne. They oftentimes don't even know who the bands I mentioned previously are. Those who like Green Day are often seen bashing Bush without even knowing if or even why he is a bad president. Now, not everyone who listens to said music is this way, just a vast majority. Not saying bad things about everyone who likes Green Day, just those who listen to them only and try to be something they're not. To conclude, a decent band.
1. Jimmy's so baked. It's definitely a Green Day...
2. Actual conversation:
Poser in my class: I just love Green Day omg!
Me: Do you listen to anything else??
Poser: Well my favorite artist is Avril Lavigne. It's just pure punk rock!
Me: Dude, thats not punk. Have you even heard of the Ramones? The Clash? The Sex Pistols?
Poser: Well, I havent heard of the Sex Pistols or the Clash. But the Ramones are gay!
Me: -rams head into wall repeatedly-
by Rachel_isapunkrocker May 17, 2008
best band of all time. all of their songs are good. american idiot is a great album, along with dookie, nimrod, and all of their CDs. Green Day is made of billie joe armstrong, tre cool and mike dirnt. they rock. seriously- go see them in concert, you will not be dissapointed. they did not sell out, they just became more popular. why not share great music? it's annoying that it's cool to hate famous bands and that it is cool to like not famous bands. trying to be an individual still only makes you part of the crowd.
green day kicks ass and if you disagree, fuck you.
by that's miss bitch to you September 03, 2005
alright, all of you need to shut the fuck up about green day being sellouts. even if they do want to make a living, you shouldnt give a fuck if they have good music. if you dont think they have good music, go ahead and think that i dont care. Just because they want to make a living, doesnt mean that they dont care about the music. good god you guys need to get a LIFE. yes, i like all kinds of punk, underground to pop/punk (only occasionally.) IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT THE ATTITUDE OF THE BAND IS, YOU DONT HAVE TO CARE ABOUT LYRICS. anyhow, back to the definition.

Green Day is my particular favorite 90s and 20th century punk rock bands. made up of guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool. (there is another guy but i havent been able to figure out his name. if that guy's reading this YOU ARE THE MAN.) I PERSONALLY do not think that they quite revolutionized Punk rock music, but certainly made it interesting.
person one "dude green day sucks, they're such sellouts."

by Woodrobs January 09, 2005
really good band. have been good since they started, which means that american idiot is not their first album. i do not care that people like their music now, but it would be nice if they would appreciate that they had loads of albums BEFORE american idiot which were equally as good. there is more to this band than 'hot' billie joe armstrong, which means all you idiots who think you are his secret wife or something should just shoosh. and american idiot and boulevard of broken dreams are NOT their only songs (horror of all horrors).
*silly girly girl* - omg! green day are just sooo amazing! i love american idiot! it's like, so totally the best song EVER! don't wana be an american idiot!
by jk March 19, 2005
Green Day is a rock band that has been around since 1989. Their first cd dropped in 1990. The members are Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. I think they are a great band, but when their new cd "American Idiot" came out, a bunch of poseurs started to listen to them, without knowing or caring about what their lyrics mean or that they had been around before many of them were even born. Alot of true fans blame "American Idiot" for causing so many poseurs, but i think it's the media's fault. Green Day's new cd may be more pop-ish than their older stuff, but rock music itself has recently become very mainstream.
poseur- "Have you heard that new band, Green Day?"
me- "Dude, they had 8 other cd's before their new one!"
poseur- "Whatever, but that Holiday" song is so cool!"
me- "Do you even know who they're talking about?"
poseur- "No, TRL didn't say anything about that."
by wateva August 02, 2005
for a bunch of "fans" you could all at least spell the band name right. See Green Day, not Greenday.
Also, a green day is when you do nothing but sit around and smoke weed. It is also the (mispelled) name of a great band, that has been around since teh eighties.
Its green day, not greenday.
This is a band you used to listen to and kids would make fun of you. You would then work hard on your music, get more involved and the punk rock scene would advance and grow.

And now you make fun of kids with Simple Plan shirts.
5 years ago: "Hey, look at the kid with the Green Day Shirt"

Now: "Hey, look at the kid with the Simple Plan shirt"
by Revolver September 14, 2004

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