1)The coolest rock band ever. lead singer, billie joe armstrong, drummer, tre cool, guitarist, mike dirnt. took of in 1994 when they released dookie, and again when they realesed Good Riddence in nimrod. suddenly became "the best band in the world" when they realeased american idiot. now, eveyone's fave. band is green day, and their fave. song is boulavard of broken dreams. their old songs are sooooo much better.

2)a day where all you do is smoke marajuana
dude, lets go have a green day!
Dude, green day is the best band, but i love god riddence!
by I love Green Day September 26, 2005
noun1: A punk rock band who have totally sold out due to American Idiot, which is bollocks. Nethertheless, they used to be pretty cool, and i recommend Kerplunk! still.
noun2: A day which is particularly green.
1: Oh meh gawd Green Day used to be so brilliant *recites all of International Superhits*. Shame they're wank now.
2: Random Kid: Y'know what? yesterday i felt like it was a Green Day.
Random Kid's Friend: Alright!
by Tom Reeves March 06, 2005
Green Day is perfection!!
That band sucked, they are not Green Day!
by joe January 15, 2005
A horrible excuse for punk. They give punk a bad name.
Teenie:Lyke i just lyke got Green Days new cd!

Me:Fuck off you cunt, listen to The Clash, or Lower Class Brats.


by Jacob Crim January 08, 2005
An pharse derived from the early days of Langley Park secondary information to insult someone who is being a bit emo.

Extension of "green" is obligatory.
by morgangills November 12, 2004
1. A day in which people smoke mj.

2. A band in which you need a green day to enjoy. They are horrible yet people like them simply because they have been pushed with a social agenda to corrupt the US with such crappy songs like "Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot" and other pieces of crap people seem to call "music". THEY ARE NOT TO BE CLASSIFIED AS BEING A PUNK ROCK BADN, BUT RATHER A POP ROCK BAND LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS.
1. Gah, I need a green day today; you got some mj?

2. Ew, gross did you hear that shitty band called green day? Blah, they make me wanna hurl.
by ndh777 August 31, 2007
1. Day spent smoking pot

2. What used to be a good band until the release of thier 2004 album ''American Idiot'' Now everyone and thier grandma is a Green Day fan, when most of these newcomers have not heard of them before idiot. Now all you hear is how hot Bilie Joe is or ''DON'T WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT! YEAHH WOOO!'' Seriously, grow the fuck up, face it thier sellouts
1. I don't feel like going to school, let's have a green day

2. For further information about the band, please see sellout
by DizzyLizzy March 10, 2007

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