One of the all time gayest bands. Their lead singer, Billy Joe Armstrong, even looks like a girl, and the other members, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt, aren't far from it. They either play emo songs where they complain about their life, or songs that make absolutely no sense at all. They are all STONERS (hence the name, "Green Day"). They have made countless albums, but have never been exceptionally good. Their songs have little meaning, their guitar player is less then average, and their drummer is around par. For better music, try Dream Theater, Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc.
Buddy: Hey man, you wanna come over? We could listen to Green Day!

Me: Umm... Riiiight... Do me and favor and chunk that crap. I'll bring my Metallica cd.
by Dustin Stroud September 30, 2006
1. A day spent doing nothing but smoking marijuana(it's said that the band Green Day got it from being stoned and watching Sesame Street).

2. A band from Oakland, California consisting of three members: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt(real name is Michael Ryan Pritchard) and Tré Cool(AKA Frank Edwin Wright III). And just a reminder for new fans: GREEN DAY IS TWO WORDS. Idjits...

3. The coolest fucking band in existence.
1. Yesterday was a green day.
2. "It's GREEN DAY, not Greenday. Dumbass."
by Jennifer Strong February 24, 2006
An anti-American punk rock band, with good sound, but lyrics that make fun of a country that pays them to badmouth it. Their income is based off of a hypocritical irony. I would like to seem them go to Cuba, or Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and make fun of THEIR respective countries.

They would literally be arrested by the military and probably shot. America is about as good as it gets, people.
Green Day has great sound, but sends a very hypocritical, anti-American message.
by Escalus July 28, 2005
Green Day is killer.

People who don't like Green Day are no fun.I guarantee you the people who don't like Green Day are all into that drab,depressing,boring, progressive power-ballad metal shit and into dark bullshit.

The anti-Green Day people are goth.
I admit I hate the song American Idiot but other than that Green Day seriously kicks ass and is a fun band with great songs and decent lyrics instead of gibberish and nonsense like these tone-deaf musical retards in these depressing subterranean goth-esque metal bands who can't write a song or a lyric to save their life.
Hey dude they wash there hair man

(pretend i am high)
Green day has sweet hair and billie joe is sexy when i am high
by i love green day man April 08, 2005
A washed-up pop punk band that has captivated and fascinated millions of 14 year old "non-conformist" punk rockers. The lead singer can be compared to the revving up of an old '60 chevy, and the lyrics usually have something to do with "the man" controlling your life, americans being arrogant, a Blvd. of broken dreams or some trash like that, or some other cliche punk rock theme. Many 14 year old "hardcore" green day fans pride themselves on dying their hair blue, and painting their nails so they are not conforming to the norms of society, when really they are just conforming to all of the other 14 year old pop/punk fanatics.
Green day hates how the media mind controls stupid 14 year olds, when really they are just sell-out hypocrits who think that punk isn't dead.
by Punk is Dead March 30, 2005
The greatest band EVER.
Billie Joe is the sexy singer from Green Day.
by Ginger February 06, 2005

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