This is a very relevent qoute from green day's nice guys finish last music video-
"Mention of there name conjures up images of sweat covered mosh pits, vomit stained stands, and very worried parents" - sums green day up.
by January 31, 2005
greenday rock ass my first album from them was insomniac and then after that I borrowed dookie from my female cousin, it was trashy as hell but it kicked major ass with songs like welcome to paradise and she and burnt im not growing up im just burning out and i stepped in line to walk amongst the dead dont know what it means but who cares.
Insomniac by far though is their most punk album. I used to listen to this album all the time in the car the only god damn casseette going. Everyday to here and back , once my cousin borrowed it for a year and it got warped from the sun because it was on the dash but it sounded even more awesome, note he listened to that cd a shit load to and if it wasn't for me he probably wouldn't be listening to alternative music today he bought the cd later on because i saw it in his collection. he got into nirvana alot to, to bad kurts dead got all messed up from the drugs.
by nostalgia January 28, 2005
Way of expressing contempt towards greasy rockers.
by Keir's ginger mum November 09, 2004
the most fucking amazing live band on the planet with the hottest frontman ever!anybody who doesn't know about green day needs to get EDUCATED,man! and whoever the dipshit was who said billie joe can't sing live needs to get pest control out on their ears. oh yeah and their lyrics are just untouchable.
i went to green day last night and billie joe got some guy to jump off the balcony into the pit.
by Billie joe's sex toy September 08, 2004
Some good songs but paved the way for safe commercial pseudo-punk bands like Blink182
Green Day was a black day for punk.
by Buddhabing April 23, 2004
The greatest fuckin' band ever!
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
1. A day spent doing nothing but smoking marijuana(it's said that the band Green Day got it from being stoned and watching Sesame Street).

2. A band from Oakland, California consisting of three members: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt(real name is Michael Ryan Pritchard) and Tré Cool(AKA Frank Edwin Wright III). And just a reminder for new fans: GREEN DAY IS TWO WORDS. Idjits...

3. The coolest fucking band in existence.
1. Yesterday was a green day.
2. "It's GREEN DAY, not Greenday. Dumbass."
by Jennifer Strong February 24, 2006

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