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Green day the best Live Band on earth
Green Day rock live
by Steve Reid September 06, 2003
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A band that was used to be good but now sucks. Older fans think the younger fans don't know them for there last 2 albums but that's bullshit, I'm a younger fan and my first green day album was dookie.
Old fan- you don't really like green day you've only listened to there new stuff

me- shut the fuck up I hate the new stuff, my favorite albums dookie.
by Xtrem15 December 30, 2009
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a) a day spent smoking weed.

b) an Oakland, CA-based pop-punk/punk rock band. Green Day hit the local club scene in 1989 as the 3 man line-up consisting of Bille-Joe Arstrong (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Dirnt (vocals, bass) and Tre Cool (vocals, drums). After 2 albums released on indie record label Lookout! Records, they hit the mainstream after signing to Reprise and releasing 'dookie' in 1994 then hit it big again 10 years later with 'American Idiot'. They are often referred to as the godfathers of pop-punk and one of the best live bands in the world today.

Their fan base is diverse but can be put into 3 general categories:

1. Teeny Boppers - young fans who only know of 'American Idiot' onwards and go mental when the hear the song Longview thinking it's a new song!

2. Uber-punk assholes - the fans who hate teeny boppers for not pre-knowing Green Day's back catalogue and listen to the older - still great but less skillful - material out of protest. The ones you'll hear refer to the band as sell outs because they did well.

3. The Green Day fan - the fans who worship these rock gods for doing whatever the fuck they want, be it 2:30 min punk blasts, a 3 act concept album, a new wave side-project or a punk-rock opera. They get that a band (now 20 years old) will try new things and aren't trying to please every hardcore fan but try and produce the best music they can.
a) yesterday was a green day. Got totally baked.

b) I saw Green Day live. They were FUCKING AWESOME!!!
by TheKazooKing May 24, 2009
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A terrible band who people like because they're "punk", when really they just took the genre, raped it, and left it in a sewer to DIE.
Shut up you fucking twat.
by SuperBlob March 01, 2006
37 34
overrated pop band who get to much radio play and are adored by all. most green day fans include girls who think they are "goth" by wearing all black, and people who think they are punk, but are actually being flat poser by labeling themselves like that. not convinced that they suck? well recently they played in front of their idol ( i think he's in the clash). they left red faced after the guy said "i dont know who they were, and they werent punk"
wanna be punk/goth: omg green day rulz lolololol dookie lolololol im gonna go play green days shitty drum beats/ guitar riffs at home!!!!!!!!1
by b00jan August 21, 2005
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a once great band who is now overrated. american idiot is hailed a politically-charged "rock opera". as optimistic as i am about the return of pop music to something deeper, more intelligent and controversial, green day has made a commendable effort, but fallen short. purely musically speaking, american idiot is mediocre. a couple decent songs, but interwoven with a tired theme. it seems the california garage band has taken themselves too seriously. rock and roll has always been an outlet for protest, but the message is misguided when it is intended for twelve year olds who only listen to green day for punk rawk street cred.
i miss the dookie days.
by katherleen August 18, 2005
17 14
a really kick ass punk band. Billie joe is the lead singer/guitarest, Tre cool is the drums and mike dirnt is the bass. this is one of the best punk rock bands ever. they are amazing in concert. every one should like this band. billie joe is also very sexy!
Green Day is fucking awesome!
by klrlovesmv July 03, 2005
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