According to Charlton Heston's 1973 film Soylent Green, green day would be Tuesday. That's the day you get your rations of soylent green. Water and the other crap is given out on other days. Bulldozers mow people down every day. Oh yeah, and soylent green, which you'll get on a Tuesday, is made from people. People!!
Tuesday is Soylent Green Day
by lifeschalkyresidue November 15, 2005
A wonderful punk/rock group that originated in Berkely, California and became famous on their album Dookie which was realease in 1994. The band consists of Billie Joe Armstrong, Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals. Mike Dirnt, Bassist/Back-up Vocals. And Tre Cool, Percussion. Along with non-members. Jason White, Back-up Guitar/Back-up Vocals. And Jason Freese, Back-up Vocals/Keyboard. They're newest album is American Idiot which was released in September 2004.
Teeny: OMG!!1!!1! Billy Jo iz so hawt. They are my favorite band!!!!!11!!

True Fan- Um.. it's Billie Joe and do you even know what band it is?

Teeny- Um... yeah!!1!

T.F.- Then what is it?

Teeny- Well, I know what the band is and Billy Jo is hawt.

T.F.- Name five of Green Day's songs.

Teeny- Who's Green Day?
by Ash W July 14, 2005
yes they are the best band ever and american idiot isnt that bad and im fourteen and i do listen to their other cds more often then american idiot... and how is it our fault that we werent alive or like 3 or 4 when there best music came out! so please dont be age-ist;)
green day, the best band ever? doesnt that knid of go with out saying?
by xox-sock-rocker-xox March 19, 2005
A pop punk band that started in 1989 with Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Al Sobronte then Tre Cool joined in 1991. Released 1039 hours and Kerplunk on Lookout! Before signing to Reprise in around '93. They were therefore labelled sell outs. They have since released Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, International Superhits!, Shenanagins and American Idiot.

Since they get called for it now I may as well talk about American Idiot.

Whether or not you like American Idiot please dont try to force your opinion on to others. In MY OPINION American Idiot is a good album. They did not sell out whilst making this album, they still had complete control over what they released and St Jimmy, Letterbomb and Homecoming are great songs.

Green Day may not be 1970 punk but they do have punk roots. If you disagree then fair enough, dont listen to them but dont try to bully others into thinking what you think. Green Day are the ones who got me into The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Operation Ivy among others. I feel that they are a good intro to the world of punk.

Anyway like I keep saying if you like them great, also try the old punk bands. If you dont, fine, just dont try to bully others into thinking what you think.
Normal Person "I like Green Day"

Twat "Shut the fuck up, Green Day are fucking fags, there not fucking good, fuck fuck fuck"

Normal Person "Please stop, your embarresing yourself"
by Punkisdead June 15, 2007
1. a band that used to be pretty good consisting of 3 kids who were pretty bored. One day they decided that they wern't famous enough, and sold out. They started wearing all black and eyeliner and started hating bush. Becasue that was the cool thing to do. Suddenly, a million 10-12 year old girls started saying billie joe was so hott, even though he is old and has children. Suddenly, Green day got a million new fans, all of which had no knowledge of their previous CDs.

2. A whole day of getting high.

Person: Hey, want to listen to nimrod?
Green Day "fan": who is that by?
Person:Green day, i thought yo liked them
green day "fan": i do. but they only have one cd... thats all they play on mtv

Haha.I had the best green day yesterday.
by kayla June 18, 2006
Green Day is the name of the now band formerly known as Sweet Children, from Rodeo Cali. The members were potheads as teenagers and were watching Sesame Street once, and they said 'green day' at some point on it and they thought it was funny. So, it became slang for day spent smoking marijuana. John Kiftmeyer (aka Al Sobronte, former drummer of Green Day) had a jacket made that had 'green day' written on the back, and eventually they decided to make it their band name. They also have a song called 'Green Day' that is pretty much about the same thing.
Also, the best band in the world, btw.
'at green day yesterday was awwwwwwsome. the teletubbies are so friggin funny!
by mrs.dirnt April 12, 2006
Greenday is actually the definition of the earliest calendar day for appointments. For instance when you book an appointment with your doctor the earliest day available is the Green Day **Green for go**
Your GYNOB will see your green Vagina on the green day.
by Dave August 03, 2005

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