1. a day set aside to smoke grass.

2. a poser punk band from Oakland, California that whines about boredom. The singer sounds like he has a pile of shit in his mouth.
1. Let's have a green day!

2. the best thing you can say about the Green Day CD "Dookie" is that it has some tenth-generation Ramones chords on it.
by Starpunk November 07, 2006
A pop-punk band that became extremely popular with the release of their third album,'Dookie', which was released in 1994 and sold over 10 million records.Green Day revived their popularity in 2004 with their critically acclaimed album,American Idiot.This album proved controversial with fans because Green day garnered many new fans that never knew who they were until this album was released.Although to this day 'Dookie' still remains the highest selling Green Day album and a favorite of most fans.
Poser: ZoMg Green Day is teh suxxors!!!!111 Tey sold out!!1No 1 new green day untilll AMerican idiot!!11

Man with a brain: No they didn't.They just became popular agian like they were in the 90's.And American Idiot is not even their best-selling album.
by Jonmad August 28, 2006
A very good band that originally smoked themselves retarted then wrote up bad ass meaningful lyrics. Kerplunk and 1,039 kicked everyones ass, and dookie is a classic, insomniac made them cooler, nimrod dido, warning again classic, american idiot teased but didn't put out.
Myself: Hey dude wanna go down to the park and smoke 3 bowls then listen to Green Day, and Dre.

Someone who is badass enough for me to aknowledge: yeah
by Jhonny pot smoker April 17, 2006
Because of serious jealous retards that have an internet connection, they write horrible blows about the hands down greatest band of all time. Because of this true lovers of Green Day and their amazing songs should ignore these dick remarks at all costs. Without Green Day most people wouldn't know what masturbation was..gentlemen..please thank them for all the funs times you've had with no girlfrend ;)
JealousFag: Green Day isn't Reel ROCK Mann, i Mean likee operas are GAYY ya no??
GreenGirl: Go suck urself dry
JealousFag: ok..how do you do that again..
GreenGirl: Listen to longview dumbass
by holderofthehandgrenade March 13, 2005
Green Day The Best Live Punk Band in the world dammit
Green Day = the best live band in the world man
by Steve September 07, 2003
Green Day, A band that teens are going wild over, who probably don't know that they even had any other albums besides American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. A true Green Day fan would know about: Insomniac, Dookie, Nimrod, Kerplunk, Working Class Hero, and Warning. Now all you hear is girls screaming on about "OMG Billie Joe is so cute have you heard there new song 21 Guns OMG OMG!! There first album American Idiot was sooooo good OMG!!"
Girl 1: OMG have you heard of that new pop band Green Day!!??
Me: New? they've been around for almost 20 years!!
Girl 1: nuh uh!
Girl 2: yah they have
Me: thanks you must be a true fan
Girl 2: yah...my favorite album is Nimrod
Girl 1: Nimrod?? Whats a Nimrod??
Me: one of their albums
Girl 1: wait...

Girl 2: yah...
Girl 1: so your saying they have more than two albums...
Girl 1: well i like their new stuff
Me: there new stuff is okay but it got to pop-ish
Girl 1: i thought they were always pop-ish
Girl 2: nooooo they used to be Punk

Girl 1: whatever
Me: non-believer of The Green Day
Girl 1: what
Me: nothing...you didn't hear anything
by XxLuvDentzxX December 04, 2010
Green Day is a punk-rock band .. some people disagree b/c they "sold out".. but billie always says it was the atmosphere of punk rock he liked the best... not the unsuccessfulness... there are the people who say that Green Day's recent cds are mediocre ... they are not. They have a depth that not many musicians have claim to. If you can't see that, you are not really listening to the words very well ... the whole american idiot cd wraps into one story, thats why the musical was made... 21st century breakdown also follows a story line of christian and gloria... it is for the class of thirteen, 2013, meaning the future generation .. telling them to stand up for the truth ... do not settle for lies... their older CD's were great as well but never had as much depth as these two .. my favourite song though is an older one .. minority ... you have to admit though green day before Warning was random songs about love, insomnia, masturbation etc. On another note people are saying that the fans who became fans after boulevard are stupid teenie boppers.. I personally had never listened to the radio before then .. all i had ever heard of before then was michael jackson, nelly furtado, vanilla ice, the beatles.. and other random things my dad played for me... so its not really my fault if I have never heard of a band... you cant say I just like the punk pop sound cause i love all their songs... I have never come across a green day song I didn't love.
Cynic: "You teenie bopper!! You only like Green Day for Billie Joe and its pop mediocre sound!"

Me: "I'm eighteen actually and I had never heard of Green Day until Boulevard of Broken Dreams and actually I didn't actually like the song until I listened carefully to the words...also I have all their cd's including 39/smooth and foxboro hot tubs... btw.. billie joe could be my father... his son Joseph is the same age as my brother... so run along now!"
by A very offended Green Day fan January 18, 2010
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