1. A day spent smoking weed, usually out of boredom.
2. A pop-punk band formed in 1988, with many good songs out like "When I come around", "Time of Your Life", "Why do you want him?" and more. I discovered them in 5th grade when hearing Boulevard of Broken Dreams on the radio. I looked them up and, well, fell in love with their old stuff as well as new (but preferring pre-American Idiot). But then, I discovered something in 6th grade called real punk. I really got into The Stooges, The Ramones, The Clash, Misfits, Sex Pistols, etc. A year later, I listened to American Idiot for the first time in years and came to a conclusion: that (new) Green Day, while being pseudo-punk and somewhat annoying, is a pretty unique band. Compare them to the other stuff that's out today!

HOWEVER, Green Day started an epidemic of a new breed of poser. It's when someone aged 8-13 believes they are "seeeeew punk rawk" when they listen to Green Day, Blink 182, or Avril Lavigne. They oftentimes don't even know who the bands I mentioned previously are. Those who like Green Day are often seen bashing Bush without even knowing if or even why he is a bad president. Now, not everyone who listens to said music is this way, just a vast majority. Not saying bad things about everyone who likes Green Day, just those who listen to them only and try to be something they're not. To conclude, a decent band.
1. Jimmy's so baked. It's definitely a Green Day...
2. Actual conversation:
Poser in my class: I just love Green Day omg!
Me: Do you listen to anything else??
Poser: Well my favorite artist is Avril Lavigne. It's just pure punk rock!
Me: Dude, thats not punk. Have you even heard of the Ramones? The Clash? The Sex Pistols?
Poser: Well, I havent heard of the Sex Pistols or the Clash. But the Ramones are gay!
Me: -rams head into wall repeatedly-
by Rachel_isapunkrocker May 17, 2008
Shitty bunch of black hair- dyed nerds, who couldn't get anywhere with their previous, more original material, so they began ripping off the lessser-known Australian rock band The living end (who were around way before Green day!!). Green day soon resorted to stealing pretty much every living end song produced and took advantage of their already aquired fame to make it look like they thought of it all by themselves. Listen to any living end song and you will see what i mean (sure enough you will be able to find a green day song which is sickingly similar to that of an already released living end song!) Any Australian or brit will be able to suppport this.
kristy: "OMG!!, have you heard that new green day song, American idiot? wow its like so totally angry and cool, it's like soo rock n roll!"

bill: "yea i heard it 2 years ago, except a band called The Living End were singing it".
by u r cool April 20, 2005
A band with a bunch of buttfucking fags that sing shitty songs that everyone likes. The cd "American idiot" is embarrasing and a piece of shit. People think they are cool because they are "rebellious","punk", or "democrat" when they are just a boy band bubble gum pop cocksuckers. It has spawned a whole group of kids that say they are democrat to be cool when they dont know anything about politics at all. Lets all face it Green day is just another MTV pop band which needs to rot in hell. The songs are nothing but annoying, repetitive and untalented, and actual dems dont listen to this shit. Everyone who has graduated middle shcool or has pubes should not listen to this band.
Green day fan: Did you by the new Green day cd it is so punk and cool, I hate bush

someone with balls: Green Day can suck my cock

Green day fan: You are so not cool Green day is da bomb XOXO I feel so rebellious!
someone with balls: You are such a dumb stupid fucking fag, you goofy little fingerpainters can jump of a fucking bridge

{puts american idiot in the microwave}
by melanthex March 31, 2005
Best fuckin Punk band of the noughties: billie joe: u da man
last nite ant went to go see greenday in concert
by Notoriuous BFG February 26, 2005
THIS BAND FUCKING SUCKS...im tired of these marijuana smoking teenagers listening to their two power chord songs...its so fucking gay man! They don't know what real music is , i like rock but the new punk area is so fucking gay we have 8 year olds that know the lyrics to "time of your life"!
<me>:green day sucks man pussy
<stoned fag teen>:NO THEY DON'T!
<me>:why don't u go rape your mother?
<stoned fag teen>:i did she said she had enough for today
by Carpe Noctem February 23, 2005
Good band turned American Idiots.

I don't mind if you hate George Bush as long as you don't try to tell me the Democraps aren't also fuckers.

Don't fuck with my religious beliefs though.That shit ain't cool you little snot nosed fuckers.
Just shut the fuck up and get back to making good music and stop fuckin preaching at me.
One of the best Rock/Punk bands ever. They have had more albums than any other artist ever, 9! Those are American Idiot, Warning, Kerplunk, 1,039 Smoothed Out Happy Hour, Insomniac, Nimrod, International Superhits!, Dookie and Shenanagins. Strange names, maybe, but are all very meaningful if you are as crazy about Green Day as I am.

P.S. For all of you shitbags out there who don't accept Billie Joe Armstrong, Lead Vocals and Guitar, should die a very painful and everlasting death!
1. "I'm so cool and awesome that people should call me Green Day"!

2. "My friend Tommy is so Greendayish"!

3. "Matt Bourque is the cooliest! People should call me Green Day #2"!
by Matt Bourque May 12, 2005
A horrendiously bad band that is nowhere close to being Punk Rock. Most of their fans fall into to the teenage girl category. If you want real Punk, listen to the Ramones, the Buzzcocks, maybe a bit of Misfits.
12 year old girl: Lyke omfg green day is so cool!!!111!

Person with real music tastes: *loads gun* Die!
by Zack February 16, 2005

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