Green Day are just an amazing punk rock band that started in the mid-80s as Sweet Children with vocalist and guitarist, Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Al Sobrante (John Kiffmeyer). They changed their name to Green Day, and released 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, then, with a new drummer by the name of Tre Cool, released Kerplunk!

In 1993, they signed with Reprise records, after being bugged for so long. They chose Reprise because their soon-to-be producer, Rob Cavallo, was a musician himself, who spoke their language. Dookie was released in 1994, and went diamond. Thus causing a bunch of "hardcore punks", to start calling them "sellouts".

Between Dookie to American Idiot, Green Day released Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, International Superhits and Shenanigans. There has been marriage, children, divorce, girlfriends, music, fights, arrests, etc...

In 2004, Green Day released the truly birlliant punk rock opera, American Idiot. It is an album that follows Green Day's signature themes of social problems, but with a more political ATMOSPHERE, simply to relate to the present times. It is more a story of all the member's journeys. Hints from previous records had indicated Green Day coming to this point in their career; the expiramenting; the use of more than three chords and different instruments...

More rants about Green Day being "sell-outs" begin. The fact that Green Day are now attracting a much WIDER audience is a ridiculous reason to dislike them. The some of the same teens who are insulting them for kiddies liking them, are the same people who WHERE kiddies when THEY started liking Green Day.

The eyeliner controversy is also silly. Green Day have worn eyeliner since early in their career! Check out old interviews for proof. It also hides unsightly dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes! They are not "gay" for wearing makeup. MANY of their influeneces wore makeup. Alice Cooper, Adam Ant, New York Dolls, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, etc..

As for the clothing-- you can't expect them to want to dress like stereoytpical punk idiots. They are also in their 30s now, and shouldn't be dressing like teens-- that's creepy. They have also worn that style of clothing before: during Dookie, Warning & after.

John Lydon dissing them is because Lydon hates that Green Day have had so much success as punks. Glen Matlock is a fan, Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Bad Religion all like them. Even in an interview with the late Joe Strummer, about a year before he died, he said he likes them. John Lydon and Steve Diggle (who follows Lydon's words all the time)can go toot whatever horns they like.

You people are completely confused as to what punk is about-- it makes me want to cry, really.

Punk is an underground rock 'n' roll movement based around the DIY (Do it yourself) ethic, individualism, poverty & art. It started with bands like The Stooges, The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls, etc.. ANY of the original punks from the mid to early 70's will tell you "punk doesn't exist" and "This is not punk" simply because they HATE that label-- it represents being confined to a specific CATEGORY.

Although, for the sake of simplicity, punk is described as a movement, it was only ever a collective of individual free spirits. In fact, it is these individuals who make punk difficult to define: just when you have managed to encapsulate the ethos, these free spirits break away and make you think again. This is the essance of the movement...

Green Day are free spirits; they didn't follow the stereotypes laid out by the macho "hardcore" punks of the 80s punk-revival scene.

"Selling out refers to the compromising of one's integrity, morality and principles in exchange for money, 'success' or other personal gain. It is commonly associated with attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability to mainstream society. A person who does this, as opposed to following the original path s/he laid (or claimed to lay) out for him/herself, is labeled a sellout and regarded with disgust and immediate loss of respect. Selling out is seen as gaining success at the cost of credibility." -Wikipedia

Green Day have not done this. Therefore, there is no arguement, and they have not sold out, and they are more *punk* than other "punk" bands that stayed indie and/or calling Green Day "sell-outs" & "not punk"

Also; Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, Underoath, 30 Seconds to Mars, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, Chiodos, The Academy Is, and all these other horrid bands you call "punk". Aren't. And they wouldn't be around if it weren't for Green Day by the way. They ALL (any rock band from 1994 on) recongnize as a MAJOR influence on them-- even as a reason they started a band in the first place.

You don't realise it, but it's because of Green Day that you probably even HEARD of punk. Green Day are the reason the mainstream is accepting punk today, and if the mainstream didn't notice punk, than niether would you.
Bitter arsehole "hardcore punks" all saying: Green Day are not punk! They accepted the establishment and went on a major label! *rant rant*
Elvis Costello: "It's what's on the record. It's not what label's on it. That's like getting a box of Cornflakes and eating the cardboard. It's stupid. There's a much more punk rock idea of getting with a major record company and spending all their money than there is getting your friend to press up their records in his basement, and spending all his money and his mother's money that he borrowed. Which is actually more revolutionary. I think it's bankrupting the major corporation myself."
by Drie November 11, 2007
Shitty bunch of black hair- dyed nerds, who couldn't get anywhere with their previous, more original material, so they began ripping off the lessser-known Australian rock band The living end (who were around way before Green day!!). Green day soon resorted to stealing pretty much every living end song produced and took advantage of their already aquired fame to make it look like they thought of it all by themselves. Listen to any living end song and you will see what i mean (sure enough you will be able to find a green day song which is sickingly similar to that of an already released living end song!) Any Australian or brit will be able to suppport this.
kristy: "OMG!!, have you heard that new green day song, American idiot? wow its like so totally angry and cool, it's like soo rock n roll!"

bill: "yea i heard it 2 years ago, except a band called The Living End were singing it".
by u r cool April 20, 2005
A band with a bunch of buttfucking fags that sing shitty songs that everyone likes. The cd "American idiot" is embarrasing and a piece of shit. People think they are cool because they are "rebellious","punk", or "democrat" when they are just a boy band bubble gum pop cocksuckers. It has spawned a whole group of kids that say they are democrat to be cool when they dont know anything about politics at all. Lets all face it Green day is just another MTV pop band which needs to rot in hell. The songs are nothing but annoying, repetitive and untalented, and actual dems dont listen to this shit. Everyone who has graduated middle shcool or has pubes should not listen to this band.
Green day fan: Did you by the new Green day cd it is so punk and cool, I hate bush

someone with balls: Green Day can suck my cock

Green day fan: You are so not cool Green day is da bomb XOXO I feel so rebellious!
someone with balls: You are such a dumb stupid fucking fag, you goofy little fingerpainters can jump of a fucking bridge

{puts american idiot in the microwave}
by melanthex March 31, 2005
Best fuckin Punk band of the noughties: billie joe: u da man
last nite ant went to go see greenday in concert
by Notoriuous BFG February 26, 2005
THIS BAND FUCKING tired of these marijuana smoking teenagers listening to their two power chord songs...its so fucking gay man! They don't know what real music is , i like rock but the new punk area is so fucking gay we have 8 year olds that know the lyrics to "time of your life"!
<me>:green day sucks man pussy
<stoned fag teen>:NO THEY DON'T!
<me>:why don't u go rape your mother?
<stoned fag teen>:i did she said she had enough for today
by Carpe Noctem February 23, 2005
Good band turned American Idiots.

I don't mind if you hate George Bush as long as you don't try to tell me the Democraps aren't also fuckers.

Don't fuck with my religious beliefs though.That shit ain't cool you little snot nosed fuckers.
Just shut the fuck up and get back to making good music and stop fuckin preaching at me.
One of the best Rock/Punk bands ever. They have had more albums than any other artist ever, 9! Those are American Idiot, Warning, Kerplunk, 1,039 Smoothed Out Happy Hour, Insomniac, Nimrod, International Superhits!, Dookie and Shenanagins. Strange names, maybe, but are all very meaningful if you are as crazy about Green Day as I am.

P.S. For all of you shitbags out there who don't accept Billie Joe Armstrong, Lead Vocals and Guitar, should die a very painful and everlasting death!
1. "I'm so cool and awesome that people should call me Green Day"!

2. "My friend Tommy is so Greendayish"!

3. "Matt Bourque is the cooliest! People should call me Green Day #2"!
by Matt Bourque May 12, 2005
A horrendiously bad band that is nowhere close to being Punk Rock. Most of their fans fall into to the teenage girl category. If you want real Punk, listen to the Ramones, the Buzzcocks, maybe a bit of Misfits.
12 year old girl: Lyke omfg green day is so cool!!!111!

Person with real music tastes: *loads gun* Die!
by Zack February 16, 2005

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