The opposite of "The Spiderman"; the girl catching the cum of the guy, and throwing it into his face like Spiderman
"wow, Angela really gave Branden the Green Goblin last Friday"
by BBBHH July 10, 2008
A fantastic drink made of vodka and mountain dew.
The mountain dew is green and the vodka makes you a goblin.
"mix me up a GREEN GOBLIN, would ya?"
by the green goblin himself October 11, 2009
A piece of your shit that happens to resemble the Green Goblin from spider man
You: "dude! i just had the biggest GREEN GOBLIN of my life!"
dude: "no way man?!?!? i just had the biggest spidey!"
you: wtf!
by shneeky shnake August 20, 2009
double shot of absanth and vodka is know as a green goblin
Green goblin: this stuff is preety heavy dont take it litely
by omg stop August 13, 2006
When someone is sleeping you take a pickle, cover it in whipped cream then shove it up the sleeping victims ass.
Matt Morrison is likely to get a green goblin if he invites me over to his house for pickles and whipped topping pastrys.
by jononomous August 08, 2005
When you spread you ass cheeks and pieces or smudges of shit are spread all over your asshole and the surrounding area of your asshole
Man Sean has the nastiest green goblin ass hole I have ever seen, Does he ever fucking wipe!
by BIG G! October 17, 2007
A shot of cheap tequila, mixed with male ejaculate and green food coloring.
Damn bitch, shoot that green goblin!
by Antisyzygy February 12, 2008

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