A piece of your shit that happens to resemble the Green Goblin from spider man
You: "dude! i just had the biggest GREEN GOBLIN of my life!"
dude: "no way man?!?!? i just had the biggest spidey!"
you: wtf!
by shneeky shnake August 20, 2009
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2 Sparks and 1 blue Mad Dog (Bling-Bling flavor)... the best drink known to man
Q: Yo man we drinkin that Green Goblin again tonight?

A: Nah, unless you want me to fuck a fat bitch like last time.
by Slash12 July 10, 2008
A person with a particularly large chin
Steven - Hey Ben, that chick has a really big chin
Ben - She must be the Green Goblin
by Bob Leetpants February 19, 2008
When one is very intoxicated and having sex, pukes all over their mate - and keeps going.
"Dude we were so trashed last night, I gave her a green goblin."

"You puked on her and kept going??"

"Hell yeah. I wasn't about to stop!"

by B_Diddy_619 June 11, 2011
Someone who refuses to share their weed and let their friends take a hit.
Damn, John won't let me take a hit, he's such a green goblin.
by King Captain Green April 18, 2011
The opposite of "The Spiderman"; the girl catching the cum of the guy, and throwing it into his face like Spiderman
"wow, Angela really gave Branden the Green Goblin last Friday"
by BBBHH July 10, 2008
Just another name for some nice buds(weed)
Hey its 4:20, time to get the Green Goblin's!
by Montaghar October 02, 2007
A fantastic drink made of vodka and mountain dew.
The mountain dew is green and the vodka makes you a goblin.
"mix me up a GREEN GOBLIN, would ya?"
by the green goblin himself October 11, 2009

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