Better known by thier longtime moniker "The Green Bay Fudge Packers" and The "Ben Gay Fudge Packers", this group of bunghole busters focuses on offnding football fans mostly by existing, but also add to thier own humiliation by sullying the names of superb athletes {see former USM standout Brett Favre a man who secretly desires an orange and midnight blue outfit}. As a seciondary outlet this assembled bunch of cornhole cowboys attempts to play football with horribly miserable results.
Synonyms: The Dallas Galboys, The New Dork Yankers
That Senator Larry Craig sure did a good political impression of the Green Bay Packers.
by Tom Mabry August 31, 2007
An NFL team belonging to fat, drunken, cut throat, overly obnoxious and highly jealous fans who pride themselves on the false assumption they're better than the Chicago Bears and their fans. The Chicago Bears lead the all time series between the Packers/Bears 90-79 (The Bears have never trailed to the Packers). The Chicago Bears lead the NFL in all time wins as well - most people will say it's due to their length of time in the NFL, however most are ignorant of the fact that there are several teams who've been around just as long, yet fail to accomplish the same goal (The Green Bay assholes for one).
Notable mention is the 60 year starting QB for the Green Bay Packers Brett Favre, better known by his nickname as John Elway's bitch. His long standing definition is the ultimate drug addicted Barry Bonds of the NFL who would sooner drag his team down in pursuit of his own stats than let them have a chance to win. Fans are under the false assumption that he plays for them and will continue to believe he will not drop them like a bad habit once he finishes his conquest of records (which quarterback Peyton Manning will bust open in half the time).
George Halas OWNS Lombardi.
John Elway OWNS Brett Favre.
by Knotsea December 07, 2007
the worlds GAYEST football team ever and doesnt deserve to be a pro team so f*** the cheeseheads
did you hear the good news the cheeseheads QB has suffered a fatal injury awesome no more green bay packers games for a while
by leonkennedy142 December 02, 2011
Shitbox of a team that will not win 5 games in 2006. Also very gay. Note to green bay packers fans, the whole country is laughing AT you when you wear those stupid yellow foam triangles on your head.
Watching green bay packers game on national TV

football fan 1 oh look the packers are sucking it up again

fan 2 jesus, look at those DIPSHITS wearing that foam on their heads

fan 3 I know, the FUNNY part is they think its cool

fans 1 and 2 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
by teabag September 22, 2006
one of the best football teams ever, wear the green and gold on the frozen tundra of lambeau field

sorry Bears fans, you guys had your chance last year, but now, you'll be lucky to go .500, and to the person who said we wouldn't get 5 wins, we did, and you guys will be lucky if you do . . go on and keep trash talkign the packers, we all know its just because you wish you were us, and wish you had the .. THE .. greatest QB of all time, brett favre, instead of your wrecks glassman and brian griese
no example needed for the green bay packers, open a sports history book, see how many wins we have, how many titles we have, look at the newspaper .. we're 5 - 1 right now
by Zellnerz October 23, 2007
The best team to root for in the world! We're strugguling now, but we still have Brett. We hate the Lions, Vikings, and Bears. Their fans are just jealous.
The Green Bay Packers are commin back. I'm not worried.
by Go Pack Go!!! October 11, 2005
A group of homosexual men that takes turns being pleasured by the biggest fag ever, Bret Favre.
i heard all the green bay packers are gay. the bears are so much better. brett is so old and shitty. i hope he never retires
by Swedish Bob August 31, 2006

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