Fag ass british "punk" band who likes taking it in the "corn hole". They are british pole smokers.
Green Day likes dick in all of their bums.
by John Phiscer October 13, 2009
One of the all time gayest bands. Their lead singer, Billy Joe Armstrong, even looks like a girl, and the other members, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt, aren't far from it. They either play emo songs where they complain about their life, or songs that make absolutely no sense at all. They are all STONERS (hence the name, "Green Day"). They have made countless albums, but have never been exceptionally good. Their songs have little meaning, their guitar player is less then average, and their drummer is around par. For better music, try Dream Theater, Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc.
Buddy: Hey man, you wanna come over? We could listen to Green Day!

Me: Umm... Riiiight... Do me and favor and chunk that crap. I'll bring my Metallica cd.
by Dustin Stroud September 28, 2006
a totatlly original punk rock band. they rock hard. but not boulevard of broken dreams. that should shrivel up and die. but anyways, green day is one of the most popular modern punk rock bands of this time. o ya its green day, not greenday (2 words, not 1)
OMFG i just got tickets to green day's concert!!!!!
by Lindsey4you June 21, 2005
Green day used to be a popular 'punk' band from california, and the idols of thousands of frustrated teens and adolescants, now they just suck donkey balls.

The release of their new abum 'American idiot', somewhat put the final nail in the proverbial coffin of Green Days ability to create new and exciting music. May they rest in peace.

Oh and Billie Joe Armstrong cant play the guitar.
Customer:Excuse me sir, i'm looking for something to introduce my 7 year old son to rock music with, could you recomend something?

Employee:I suggest you check out Green Days' new album, its childish enough to interest your son.

Customer:Ill take that then.

Emplyee:May god have mercy on his soul.
by Citezen:Erased March 30, 2005
A punk-rock band originally known as 'Sweet children', this changed to green day in 1990.
The band has 3 members: Billie Joe Armstrong- Vocals & Guitar.
Mike Dirnt- Bass & Backing Vocals.
Tre Cool- Drums & Percussion.
Greenday has made 8 albums:
1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours-1990.
American Idiot-2004.

Greenday just rock!
Greenday - simply the best modern punk rock has to offer!
by bloodbanx.com January 23, 2005
The best band in the world!!!
Anyone who hates green day is just a retard!!!
the best band in the whole world
by the green monkey December 20, 2004
A great rock band that gives a vital message to the American youth.
Shit, I just like them because they hate Bush.
by bigtones October 05, 2004

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