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To shoot the charged plasma pistol at a person in Halo then immediately melee the person when his shields are down.
Guy 1: Fuck! I got Green Thundered again!
by The River of Love September 27, 2011
A long-dated term. It is of Greek origin when Greek wrestlers took young boys as their prizes after wrestling matches. Usually these body builders would have rough, usually painful, anal intercourse with young chubby boys all night. The young boys were usually rewarded with front row seats to the wrestler's next match as a reward. These men were so massive that they are compared to the Hulk (whom also happens to be green). Hence the Green Thunder.
That boy is going to receive the Green Thunder tonight. He should get a WHOLE ROW of front row tickets.
by marathon man June 12, 2013
When you dress up as the grinch and agressively fuck a chick on a mountain. Your heart won't grow three sizes but something else will.
I was at sunshine the other day and totally green thundered a bitch
by Cindy loo-who November 27, 2010
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