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The political system precursing the global governance institution of the malevolent New World Order.

An anti-human agenda the elites are currently trying to implement that is the means for destroying the free market, thus ending the proletarian way of life and means of sustainence in the free, western world/ economy.

Impoverishment of the people through excesive "Carbon Taxes", though they cannot prove global warming or over-population and certainly will not debate either.

The end goal is the elimination of at least 85% percent of us (including you and yours).

The 'Green' part of this fascist state is their clame to be for the good of the planet (no matter how many lowly humans they must kill).

An eletist dictatorial power grab scheme that, if all goes to their plan, will land us all in FEMA Camps or killed by drones.

The super rich employed evil geniuses to sit in inhumane think tanks, they relized that they can keep the masses in ignorance and submission through: indoctrination, intimidation, taxation, fluoridation, media ('idiot box') indoctrination, alluminum exposure (Alzheimer's), plus degenerative neurotoxins in the vaccines and chem-trails.
whistle blower 1: An Inconvient Truth is bullshit! Those war pigs just want us to give all our hard earned money to carbon taxes!
whistle blower 2: I know, who would have thought Green Fascism political institution would be the link between the assassination of John Kennedy and a system of global human oppression and depopulation...
by writing on the wall April 05, 2012
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