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The only cheerleaders in the entire NFL franchise that actually CHEER. Dancing around in bras and "skirts" is not cheerleading. These cheerleaders do stunts,tumbling, and dancing as well as, would ya guess it, CHEER!! Shocking that cheerleaders would cheer eh!?

Not only are these male and female cheerleaders talented but they are also attractive and involved with the games and fans in a NON WHORE way =]

The Green Bay Packer cheerleaders are division 1 college UW-Green Bay's cheerleading squad(co-ed) and St. Norbert's squad (All girl).

Not only do they actually do a good job of cheerleading but they're positive spokespersons for the Packer org.

They're hot, they're talented, and they're not skanks =]

better recognizeeeee!
The Green Bay Packer cheerleaders are the best in the NFL.

Wow, the packer cheerleaders still make even though they're fully clothed.
by packercheer October 04, 2009
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