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Its like Blue Balls, but instead of sex, its weed. Hence the green.

Stoner 2: Dude you got like Green Balls maaaaan
by Dylan Bigvanilla January 20, 2011
The same as blueballs but when someone is a virgin.

To be a greenhorn in the sac and get blueballs.
That little fucker Brent got greenballs after going to the bikini expresso.
by snatchifer July 15, 2011
1. Getting the job done.
2. Completed
3. When something is finally dizzle.
1. If you could green ball that step, it would be the shizzit!
2. You should give them an upperdeck for talkin all that smack.
Don't worry about it man, its been green balled.
by yo mamma February 18, 2005
Its a special variation of blue balls when you have a raging blue balls hard on but you need to pee really bad also. But you can't pee until your boner goes down. yellow + blue = green balls
I never should have tried to have sex before the funeral, it never works. Now I have the worst green balls and my bladder is going to be exploding for all of Uncel Mort's stupid eulogy speech. Thanks a lot Mom.
by Bongman7 January 30, 2011
To break a financial engagement.
Dad, for my 20th birthday, was going to buy me a car, but when the time came he greenballed me.

Jose thought it was a good idea to buy the preschoolers ice-cream, but greenballed them at having to drop a twenty.

Son: Grandpa John is getting us tickets to WrestlePalooza!
Pop: Ah, that's a greenballer.
by cansecofan July 26, 2009
When you are excited to get high on some good marijuana but you are either interrupted during smoking or don't bake an edible for long enough... And get only a little bit high kind of like getting dome from a chick only to have your parents walk in before you can finish. Green balls leads to temporary insanity and or feening for some more dank.
Yo man I was just sparking up my first bowl of the day when I was punched in the face by a member of the LBGT community I felt the initial effects of the bowl but got green balls when I couldn't finish it because of said gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual being.
by Lord Dagon May 30, 2011
When a male is paying for something that ultimately won't get him to have sex but will get him extremely aroused.
Man those girls at that strip club were so hot, but I gots me some green balls and an empty wallet.
by holmes02 June 04, 2011
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