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a frappe or similar iced coffee followed by a cigarette, then the glass is filled with water and drank over again followed by a second cigarette. The meal must be had sitting and if possible outside to maintain greekness.
Yiannis ate a greek breakfast this morning and he's having lamb for dinner.
by Foti Thesalonikos August 29, 2007
49 53
The Greek breakfast includes a cold frappe coffee,and some ciggaretes..
-Hey,what you had for breakfast today ?

-I only drunk a coffee along some ciggaretes,I had a greek breakfast.
by Alithinos April 04, 2010
27 5
The preparation of regular Greek food through the insertion of breakfast items into the participant's anal cavity. We will take the feta cheese for example; by thoroughly marinating the cheese by deep insertion into the anus, the cheese will acquire a taste similar to Greek cuisine. Typical marination time varies between a day to a week, garnish with a sprig of cilantro.
Sailing into the sunset and waking up to a captivating morning, the inspiration drew me to try a Greek Breakfast with my lover.. Only if she takes the first bite.
by Encablossa June 28, 2008
9 15