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This name has many defintions and traits. A person named Greed 300 is often to be reffered as:

Root of ALL evil
A dark presence
A force if nature

Despite the names above they still do not do justice to the power of a Greed 3000. A person with this name is often to secretly or publicly make goals to gain not only more than everybody else around them but more of everything as a whole. Some people with this name are not just greedy with material things but may be more greedy to intelligence, skills, and talents since it is their nature to want everyhting.

2) A greed 3000 is often to make it through difficult tasks making them seem like they can bend the rules of reality to get the job done. A greed 3000 is often feared & NOT to be fucked with or make any attempt to steal their belongings such as food as taking anything from them is considerd foolish.

3) Though this person is feard and they have a knowledge of everything the can be very passionate lovers or perform very well in bed far beyond than of a noraml person. If you ever meet a Greed300 keep them as a friend for life as they are very resourceful, loyal, relaxing, & generous person, very useful to have in your group. But be warned as this person can infect others to do their biding and be greedy or have greedy traits.
My friend Greed 3000 always wants more.

You have her number too?? Wow your Greed 3000.

Greed 3000 you are never satisfied

NEVER fight a Greed 3000! They are VERY dangerous.
by Shiggy Shad April 16, 2010
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