Anglicised rendition of Graecia, a toponymic of the southern end of the Balcan peninsula. This was used as a collective name for the city states that thrived in and around the aforementioned peninsula. These city states shared a common language, a common religion and arguably a common origin, which led later researchers to clump them together under the aforementioned name. Greece only became a single nation under the rule of King Alexander the Great and his successors, and it finally succumbed to Rome.
This name is currently used for a small, somewhat pretentious nation that occupies the southern end of the Balcan peninsula, whose citizens claim to be the heirs of the ancient greek civilization and display a certain continuum of language and traditions with the ancient civilization.
The capital of Greece is Athens.
by Cynic May 26, 2004
Greece, also known as F.M.R.O.G (Former Macedonian Republic Of Greece - legal brand owner-> GUSAR ) can also refer to a nation that got expanded due to the Treaty of Bucharest (1913).After this treaty expires in the year 2012, Macedonia will regain its rightful borders and GREECE WILL NO LONGER EXIST
person #1: You're Greek aren't you?
person #2: Yes I am, and I'm proud of it.
person #1: Proud of what?
person #2: Well I'm proud of my Greek culture and heritage.
person #1: Oh.You haven't heard yet, have you?
person #2: Heard what?
person #1: The Treaty Of Bucharest expires in 2012.
person #1: Yup, That's what it means.(Laughs)
person #2: (dies of shame)
by Cwelle November 15, 2007
A very disturbed country with a very silly language, Alexander The Great used it as a toilet and prison for the gay community.Now it is becoming known as Giroland
KID:Mommy,mommy let's go to Greece
MOM:I'm sorry, but we can't afford it
KID:(starts crying)but why....
MOM:If you stop crying we'll go to Macedonia
KID:(still crying)but I don't wanna go to Macedonia
MOM:Don't be silly, Greece is actually in Macedonia
KID:(stops crying)Hooray!!!(Smiles)
by Cwelle September 14, 2007
The clown capital of the world.
Greece, the clown capital of the world, got caught pushing immigrants into sea.
by bickbot October 02, 2006
a fictitious country forcefully made by the treaty of Bucharest what it is now.
Greece's borders are on borrowed land, and they're time is almost up.
by Aleksandar Makedonski May 28, 2005
A country which didn't create science-Arabia did. Arabia also created maths. India and China created Medicine, Astronomy and Astrology. The Greeks didn't even invent the pillar, Koreans did. Overall, countries more ancient than Greece like China, India and the Middle East created everything the Greeks like to claim 'credit' for. Greeks weren't the creators. Indian scripts date back to 20,000 years ago, Greeks are only 2,000 years old. Also, India created the alphabet, as Sanskrit, and were the first people to actually write down written language. Once again, Greeks weren't even around at that point.
Greek: My people created everything!
Asians: Nope, we did. Even before you even existed.
Greek: Damn. *cries*
by The Defining Moment June 06, 2005
It is a part of the country called Macedonia. The birthplace of gayness and homosexuallity.
Alexander the Great conquered the Greeks. What use did he have ill never know.
Im Greek.
(Im the greatest gay man in the world)
by Mad Clown Jack May 27, 2005

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