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A Mediterranean country where the men are men and the sheep are scared
The sheep in Greece always sleep with their brown eyes open.
by Mordgit Freeman October 24, 2012
The best place on earth, you can be any age to drink alcahol and can get porn at any age. It has the best beeches on earth.
I went into a shop in Greece and a bought a six-pack and a few porn mags, and I'm only 6!
by glue September 25, 2003
Verb - to greece (bail out)
"Yo, Im'a Greece on you bitches. Peace"
by 1&ONLY_DUFFMAN May 17, 2012
Being complety broke
On a scale of 1 to Greece, how broke are you?
by Mumbles5850 May 11, 2010
greece is a nice small town in rochester, NY. its named after the country of greece. its a nice small suburbanish town that has a great school district compared to others. its a perfect town for a nice home for a family.
greece is a great town with a underrated reputation.
by evilmonkey September 27, 2005
one of the most beautiful countries in balkan and with the most ignorant people ever on the world
Greece has only motherfuckers, they hate albanians becoz they r so handsome and real males, they r jealous abt us becoz we r smart and clever :)
by Teuta September 05, 2008
a supermassive anus.
greece is the worlds ass hole
by u wish u were maco November 01, 2007