simply put as the best place of all time. beautiful language, very nice and hard working people, great scenery, and awesome food. some of the greatest ancient artists/musicians were greek. greece is the life.
i am part greek and i have greek friends who play very good piano. their mom comes from greece. some of my dads ancestors came from greece.
A cool country in Europe, with beautiful islands, rich hills, and large cities.
Let's go to Greece! Cool country
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
A country in south-eastern Europe has produced some of the finest and most respected mathematicians, inventors, historians, writers, doctors, architects, warriors and artists in history. This is due to the marvellous innovations and accomplishments made in the ancient times. Siegecraft is considered as one of Greek invention as the catapult, mechanised bows and siege towers. In modern times Greece still continues with the innovative spirit regardless of what others may choose to believe.

Such achievements has provoked certain individuals to undermine these achievements to over-compensate for their inferiority complex or they just mimic because they might believe those with inferiority complexes.
Average Brit: "The ancient Greeks were gay they said that they used to love men..." *smiles*
Average Greek: *confused* "yeah thats fucked up..."
Well spoken Greek: "So if we say we love our Father, Uncle, Brother, Cousin, Son, Nephew and best friend we are total fags?"
Average Brit: " hard feelings hey..? lets go watch the football together.."

Casanova wannabe Italian: "You know you Greeks invented sex but we were the ones that show it to the women."
Average Greek: "whatever bro."
Well spoken Greek: "We dont usually refer to the sheep as women."
CWI: *Pretending that some chick who is obsessed with him is calling him even though the backlight stays off.*

Turk in the mood to bully some Greeks: "We fucked you you are now our children."
Average Greek: *laughs dismissingly*
Well spoken Greek: "We still look European you dont look East Asian anymore.. hello little one.."
TITMTBSG: *Goes to bully the Armenians*

An egotistic Chinese/Japanese/Korean: "If 1.5 Billion of us were piss at the same time Greece will be flooded."
Average Greek: *Is thinking what the Well spoken Greek is thinking*
Well spoken Greek: "If 25 million of us world wide were to aim our sperm to where you are at your next generation will look nothing like you."
An egotistic Chinese/Japanese/Korean: *Goes to hassle the Americans.*
by GREECE4EVA November 20, 2009
a lovely place to swim,hike,or take a nap. it has great food in any place you go! i go every summer!!!!! yes, kids do have more freedom with drinking and smoking blah blah but that is not the only thing they do. they love playing soccer and chillin' wit friends. plus, porn rapes the mind and greek kids no that, so they don't look at it 24/7. you have to look at the better things there are not only at one person. half the kids don't know porn any way.
i love going to greece!
by Popie March 09, 2008
The greatest country in all of the Mediterranean, if not all of Europe. As stated on the other definition, Greece truly was the birthplace of Western Civilization and much of what we know today, including math, algebra, philosophy, architecture, and drama. This country has been rich with culture for thousands of years, and still is. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Balos, Myrtos, Paradise (fitting name, isn't it?), and many more. There are also cities in Greece that are famous for the excellent food and sight-seeing, like Athens and Thessaloniki. However, whether you visit a city or a beach, you're guaranteed an amazing time, and of course, wonderful night life. The Greeks know exactly how to drink, dance, and of course party well in to the wee hours of the night. The general mood here is very different from what many people in the USA are used to. Here, you stay up and sleep in very late, some times until noon during the summer. Everyone here is open minded, accepting, and friendly. Yes, we are proud, and yes, we hate the Turks. We are loud as hell and people think we're fighting when we go out. But it's okay, because we come from the greatest country GREECE and we aren't afraid to say it! EΛΛAΔΑ ΓΙΑ ΠAVTA!
1. You're last name ends in -opoulos or -akis
2. You have at least 1 person in your family named Nikos/Nikki and/or at least 1 named Yiannis/Yianna
3. You know exactly what a kolomboi is and own at least 2.
4. You own at least 1 necklace/bracelet/other piece of jewelry with the evil eye on it.
5. When you were a kid, you got spit on every time you saw family- or any Greek adult you knew.
6. You attended Greek school for a minimum of 4 years.
7. You still are proud of Greece for winning the 2004 Soccer Cup and Eurovision in 2005.
8. You say My Big Fat Greek Wedding just to see if the family would remind you of your own. It did.
9. You get Greek TV on a satellite dish.
10. 4 words: Lamb on a spit.
11. You know exactly what it means when some one says "re" "vre" "po po po" "opaa!" etc.
12. You know Vodka is nothing compared to OUZO!
13. When dinner doesn't start until 9:30 PM at the earliest.
14. You know exactly what loukamadas, kataifi, name days, oxi day, and dolmades are.
15. When some one asks you your heritage... you stick out your chest, raise your chin and proudly say "I am GREEK!"
by greekgirl376 March 30, 2010
In the sex trade - A trip to Greece refers to intercoarse (either of anal or vaginal). Similar to A Trip to the Islands.
$300/hr - A trip to Greece
by TriptoGreece May 09, 2007
One of the most fucked up countries in the world that yet is awesome. Liquor can be bought by any age, there are domestic cigarettes and women vary from church-girl to rambunctious slut. Lots of great destinations to visit, from sandy coasts to forests to mountaintops. Food is so awesome you'll be poor in 2 days after buying excessively many plates.

Greece also has a lot of friendly people, especially the older generation, that upon realising you're a tourist will start treating you with traditional foods, drinks and even music, but will charge your ass off in the end. Still, you won't mind because you'll have had a great time.

Avoid dark city streets because you'll be compromising your safety, and always look at the price tags before you start talking.
-Imma go to Greece for summer.
-That's rad, get a lot of condoms and money, cuz you'll be spending your ass off on women you'll need the condoms for!

-I ate a weird greek sandwich-ish called "gyros".
-Last time I ate that, I booked holidays to Greece for the next 3 years.

-Greece isn't only culture and ancient history. It's also nightlife and crazy fun!
by kouraf16 April 07, 2011

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