Wow, there's alot of bad spelling and grammer here... Anyway...
A greb is someone who tends to ware what they want and how they want to. They don't start or pick fights with anyone, except when they are backed into a corner and have nowhere to go.
Generaly, grebs will casualy walk away/round people who are hurling abuse at them.
Grebs don't:
-Hand out free hugs randomly to others in the group
-Start fights
-Smoke weed, pot, anything at all (not to my knowlege anyway)
-Listen to rap, dance or junk like that because the lyrics usualy go as follows: "Yo, I'm rappin' and I spank my white biatch up. Ya can't do nufin' about it." Or "I saw you in a bar and I wanted to bang you repeat several times"

Grebs do:
-Generaly do much better than chavs/townies academicaly
-Listen to music which have a meaning and can save there lives one day " It's easier to run, Replacing this pain with something numb, It's so much easier to go, Than face all this pain here all alone." Basicly means that if you stay here by yourself and feel the pain from the name calling chavs, one should leave and make the pain numb so it doesn't bother one.
-Have a unique sence of fashion. Most beleive grebs look very similar. But if you looked harder, you'll notice they ware different jeans from each other, you'll hardly ever find 2 grebs with the same hoody on in a group and you'll find that they all have different haircuts. (Unlike chavs/townies who go for the skinhead look... Very original...)
-Can get girlfriends/boyfriends who ACTUALY love and cherish each other. Unlike chav/townies who think it's just another bit of cheap cock/fanny if they say they love them.

Grebs can get along with lots of people but choose not to even try, it's because most hurl abuse at them when they get close. I should know, I'm a greb myself and have an awsome girlfriend (we've been going out for 5 months... That's 4 months and 29 days longer than a couple of chavs can go out for.)

P.s. Some of the quieter and possibly anarexic grebs do know martial arts and self defence, so if you're not careful, I will drop kick your nose nose again. Got it? Good :)
Oops! Did I just type that? You know who you are insert a somewhate diabolican laugh here
*Grebbo walks down the street, casualy talking to another grebbo*
*Chavs on bikes shout pathetic insults the grebs have heard many times before so it doesn't bother them*
*Grebbos continue walking*
*Chavs eventualy go away and get run over buy a 10 tonne truck*
*Grebbos don't hold a grudge and continue walking*
A greebo likes to be different and is usualy bullied
by Somewhat Diabolical June 27, 2006
Well it would seem that everyone thinks being a "greebo", "townie", "chav" or "goth" is very important, if i'm a greebo (and judging by most of this tripe i am) then a greebo is a creative person who doesn't enjoy having the crap kicked out of them. surly that just makes me a creative person who doesn't like violence? greebo is one of those terms like "chav" that are completly meaningless.
anyone "what the hell is a greebo?"

anyone else "its a b.s. term used to describe someone you can't describe"

anyone "oh really?"

anyone else "does it matter?"

Everyone "NO!"
by Makeshiftfill June 27, 2006
A greebo or greeb is a dirty person who thinks they can skate. They are normally wannabe emos or scenekids. They can be identified by..

- Having unwashed hair, normally dyed black with light brown roots.
- Spots.
- Band T-shirts
- The girls wear stripey and fishnet tights.
- Their favourite shop is 'Blue Banana' and 'Claires'
- Boys have overgrown long hair.
- They love metal/goth/rock music such as Slipknot and Korn.
- The girls might cut their own fringes, leaving it lobsided.
- Start and have sex at the age of 13.
- Baggy tops (Girls sometimes wear boys clothes)
- Smoke and Do drugs.
- Pale.
- They have a fetish of hanging round theyre local skatepark.
- Metal chains hanging from their jeans.
- Some self harm and like to write poetry.
- Think they have a talent for drawing. (Even though i'm sure some can actually.)
he needs to wash his hair, the greebo.
by O0O0OHNOSE.itsyamom. November 06, 2007
A greebo is a person who usually lives in a rural small city in the midwest or someplace in canada or alaska. They follow mainstream metal and hard rock bands like Marlyn Manson or Slipknot. They buy those baggy fake bondage pants from hottopic.

But just because they don't know anything about real metal or punk rock, don't let that fool you, they're still hardcore as hell, they're just ignorant to boot. They tend to live in trailor parks or indian reservations and have mothers who are probably meth addicts or alcoholics.

They usually don't complete high-school and are charged with a variety of domestic violence crimes. They do plenty of drugs, and talk about it freely.

The reason why they dont know about the more obscure bands is because simply they haven't been exposed to any real 'scene' living in their rural community.
Tom was a goddamn greebo asshole with a face full of zits and long black hair. Spent all his time smoking ciggarettes in the highschool parking lot trying to sell meth, even though he dropped out 2 years ago. And he always wears the same goddamn Rob Zombie T-Shirt. I hear he also had sex with his cousin, but what else to expect in Alaska.
by John Handy September 27, 2007
A 'greebo' is not some peace loving individual at all you hypocritical twats i am always classed as a chav so how do you have the cheek to say you dont want trouble when you mouth off in groups and if theres five or less you shit a brick if i come over to you and this individuality, you all listen to the same music, wear black, go to 'gigs' sit on skate parks etc, the majority of greebos are rich boy/girl mummys boys/girls that go on about how shit life is on your way home to a five bedroom house most of you are faking and just want attention and so what if chavs want to wear lacoste etc, my stone island jumpers was 140 my jacket 440 lacoste tracksuits are 180 and i work two jobs full time and part time and pay for my own shit including my car so no im not claiming benefits to afford it so either speak up in public or shut up being keyboard warriors you bunch of fucking idiots.
Greebo : theres a chav dude ha ha omg hes like smoking a fag and spitting oh my god cant wait to tell everyoneeeeee, fuckin mugs
by Danny stone island June 08, 2007
Having reead through all the definitions there only seems to be one correct, and apparently, only one written by someone over 20. If you're not in you thirties it was likely you missed it. A greebo listened mainly to the Poppies, Neds etc, not metal or rock(especially not Iron Maiden). If you weren't around in the early 1990's them I'm afraid you're just a wannabe. Sorry kids! But definately keep on trying to keep the contemporary alternative scene alive.
Visit a Wonderstuff concert and they all appear from mid-thirty-greebo-land.
by Panacea April 05, 2006
Greebo refers to the Stourbridge music scene of the early 90s, championed by such bands like Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

For some reason, it's now attributed to a subculture who thinks they're above another sub-culture (the so called "chavs"), to the extent they wish all the "chavs" were dead. As you can tell, they're not that familiar with the words "irony" or "hypocrite".
Greebo: all you chavs are the same!
Chav: all you greebos are the same!
Everyone else: *rolls eyes*
by Simahn May 11, 2005
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