Greebo, the only perfect race!!!
"Ooooooooooooooooh arnt those greebos georgus!!!"
by EMMAAAAAAAAA LOL February 26, 2005
Greebo: from my experience greebo's are a usually friendly people, wearing an assortment of black clothing, often being mixed up with goths and metal heads but lacking in the metalhead brashness and the goths usual shy personality. Wearing an assortment of accessories such as metal chains, baggy black jeans usually from "soho" shops, occasional tattoos resembling things associated with death, grim occasions, morbid characters etc, spiky wrist bands and occasionally metal rings and with black or dark hair, Greebos also have the stereotype of having greasy or unwashed hair, coinciding with the theory that they do not wash. They also wear dull coloured clothes whilst lacking any vibrance.
Many of the greebos i have met have been clean and well mannered, yet i would have to admit that most are unhygenic and lacking in any self respect for cleanliness.Although with any social "group" i try to keep an open mind, Greebos dissapoint me in their many links to the scene and emo groups. Casual sex and complete disregard for partners and proper relationship seem to end up with most greebos becoming depressive and obsessive, possibly because of their ways they became greebos or because of the like minded people they surround themselves with.
Greebos seem to listen to all sorts of Rock music, mainly heavy metal, Screamo metal and death metal but also emo music and pop emo. This means bands such as My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium and Arch Enemy but they seem to branching out into bands such as Enter Shikari with the blend of trance and metal. Music is a main interest with Greebos, and defines them,as with most other social groups. Concert going and hanging around in usual surrounding such as parks,town statues and landmarks listening to music on loud stereos is a common theme in greebo life also.
Some greebos associate themselves with emos, punks and some skaters, forming an alliance and socialising through their interests, eg music, sex and hobbies, such as skating, circus activities and poetry.
Greebos are also associated with self harm, and as i mentioned before depression, another key link to "emos".
On the whole, Greebos are a caring, friendly group, creative and well meaning, yet lacking in much moral fibre and standards, in respect to relationships they appear whoreish and thoughtless.
"hey look, some greebos, be careful cos theyre a little dirty and slightly imposing but they seem to have written a mildly entertainin yet depressing song."
by crispynugget November 11, 2007
A Word DirtChavscum Uses Just Because Some One Wears A Little Black Or Tight Jeans And Usually If You Arent A Chav And You Walk Aroud A Chav Infested Area Like A Town Centre,You Usaully Get Shouted At Like "Dirty Greeboo".some one who dosent give a donkey shit what peple thin about what they look like.
Dan The Chav:oooh,Look At That Durty Greebo,Lets Go Merk Him,Innit Blad.
Max(whispers To Louis):Look At Them Darn Chavs,Bet They're Gonna Run Away.
Louis(whispers Back):Yeah,Lets See
Max&Louis Walk Past
Chavs Get Scared Cos They Think That We Have The Devil On Our Side
by MaxMan Is Here! February 15, 2007
A greebo is generally anybody who is different. They usually get abuse hurlled at them because of this by chavs/townies/arrogant twats. I am called a greebo/emo because i wear the clothes i want to listen to the music i want to and generally dont give a shit about fitting in with the crowds. People who labbel others and in effect bully them are usually scared of what others think of them so they try to fit in and make everybody laugh at someone else. Most greebos/greebs listen to some form of rock music or something not mainstream, are peaceful people and dont start fights for the hell of it and are just being themselves.
all of these examples happened to me or friends.

sitting in a maths class and getting things thrown at me because i am "greeb" by a group of guys who everybody is scared of because the could kick the shit out of them.

walking down an path at lunch time out of school when a group of year 9 chavs/townies/popular kids thought a group of year 10 greebs said "they could have them" so made two of them get down on their kness and say sorry. the greebos not wanting to fight did this and walked away whilst having things thrown at them and threats yelled at them.

Standing in the courtyard at breaktime where most of the school are. Generally the big groups of greebs stand on one side and big group of chavs townies on the other and the other people spread out between in little groups. when the chavs etc start to throw any food the have at the greebs this happens nearly every day.

a fat kid taking the piss out of you nearly the whole way through the day about skate boards, music, being greasey and dirty just so the "cool kids" are to busy laughing at the greebs to pick on the fat kid.
by world_peace May 10, 2006
Deluded teenagers (usually) who believe that by some how wearing all black and listening to rock music they become "individuals" while remaining blissfully unaware that they're just creating their own version of so called "chavs" and "trendies". They generally moan about being picked on and "labeled" while at the same time labeling others that don't conform to them.

They're no different from any other group effected by trend, punks, greebos, chavs, indie kids etc. It's all the same.
The Greebo's where moaning about how they are the only "individuals"
by Keir123 August 23, 2008
A greebo is a person with any kind of long hair, any colour, they can have any kind of personality (apart from depressed). they listen to heavy metal and were:
dark jeans either tight or very bagy
convers or vans
dark colour shirts with rock music on or some kind of gothic picture or skulls
and main coulors must be black and grey
wow look at dem greebos
by Rockadoodledoo September 11, 2007
Greebo has been disused in many ways, now it means to be somewhere between goth and punk, usually listens to metal/punk/rock WRONG!
The traditional meaning of greebo:
Split the word
Gree - bo
Gree - Greasy
Bo - Biker
Greebo- Greasy Biker
so therefore a greebo is a person who loves their motorcycle and spends hours tuning it and gets greasy in the process.
Townie: Oi ya f***in Greebo!!!
Unsuspecting Punk/Goth: WTF!
Townie: Yeah! You! F***in Gay BOI!
Greebo: *rides in on Harley Davidson* I'm The only F***in Greebo here! Now Pi** off ya sill T**T!
Townie: AH! NO!
Unsuspecting Punk/Goth: Erm... yeah... okay...
by Truth_Teller1234 November 24, 2006
Wow, there's alot of bad spelling and grammer here... Anyway...
A greb is someone who tends to ware what they want and how they want to. They don't start or pick fights with anyone, except when they are backed into a corner and have nowhere to go.
Generaly, grebs will casualy walk away/round people who are hurling abuse at them.
Grebs don't:
-Hand out free hugs randomly to others in the group
-Start fights
-Smoke weed, pot, anything at all (not to my knowlege anyway)
-Listen to rap, dance or junk like that because the lyrics usualy go as follows: "Yo, I'm rappin' and I spank my white biatch up. Ya can't do nufin' about it." Or "I saw you in a bar and I wanted to bang you repeat several times"

Grebs do:
-Generaly do much better than chavs/townies academicaly
-Listen to music which have a meaning and can save there lives one day " It's easier to run, Replacing this pain with something numb, It's so much easier to go, Than face all this pain here all alone." Basicly means that if you stay here by yourself and feel the pain from the name calling chavs, one should leave and make the pain numb so it doesn't bother one.
-Have a unique sence of fashion. Most beleive grebs look very similar. But if you looked harder, you'll notice they ware different jeans from each other, you'll hardly ever find 2 grebs with the same hoody on in a group and you'll find that they all have different haircuts. (Unlike chavs/townies who go for the skinhead look... Very original...)
-Can get girlfriends/boyfriends who ACTUALY love and cherish each other. Unlike chav/townies who think it's just another bit of cheap cock/fanny if they say they love them.

Grebs can get along with lots of people but choose not to even try, it's because most hurl abuse at them when they get close. I should know, I'm a greb myself and have an awsome girlfriend (we've been going out for 5 months... That's 4 months and 29 days longer than a couple of chavs can go out for.)

P.s. Some of the quieter and possibly anarexic grebs do know martial arts and self defence, so if you're not careful, I will drop kick your nose nose again. Got it? Good :)
Oops! Did I just type that? You know who you are insert a somewhate diabolican laugh here
*Grebbo walks down the street, casualy talking to another grebbo*
*Chavs on bikes shout pathetic insults the grebs have heard many times before so it doesn't bother them*
*Grebbos continue walking*
*Chavs eventualy go away and get run over buy a 10 tonne truck*
*Grebbos don't hold a grudge and continue walking*
A greebo likes to be different and is usualy bullied
by Somewhat Diabolical June 27, 2006

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