The 2004 comunist canidate for president. really explains the best canidate in the election!
by SpiderMatt June 10, 2004
Top Definition
Any male of striking appearance who is particularly charming, confident, well groomed, and looks unusually dashing smoking a cigarette. The term is usually associated with a man of Mediterranean decent. Never to be confused with the Metrosexual, a Greco exudes a distinct air of masculinity.
Vera: Look how the smoke just rolls cool from his lips as he delights the young lady with his clever tounge. He's so very Greco, isn't he?

Beth: Yes, he seems particularly at ease in his modern yet classic attire.
by U. Anything March 03, 2005
a smooth dude that keeps his clothes crispy, his diction slick, his females in line, and always knows what it is
that boy niko is one greco kid
by dope boy diesel January 04, 2008
A Greek Person or style
The architecture was typical Greco-Industrial.
by Ocerg January 21, 2003
A Averaged hieght man with an afro who is quite large in build, They tend to like small children and listen to shit music, they also tend to own cameras.
"Is he taking photos of children?"

"He looks like a Greco"
by SexualBeast July 12, 2010
Something that is overly eccentric or comfortably numb.
Being friends with someone for 10 years but never being invited inside their house. This is something a greco would do.

Someone who only will go out for 2 hours at a time no matter what day of the week nor how free their schedule is. This is the kind of schedule a greco would have.

Meshing four different styles into one. For example: An afro, gucci glasses, a pea coat, and Mod shirts. This is something a greco would wear.
by Matt Simons April 28, 2007
Verb: Greccoing; to Greco. To eat something from a plate that was previously being eaten from by someone other than family: As in a server collecting a table's plates and eating the remnants thereof.
"I'm really hungry. I'm about to Greco this chicken." "I'm throwing this away, you want to Greco?" "I hate to see people Greccoing stranger's food."
by DCBG April 06, 2008
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