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Come in drug free, leave a secret pot head. Where the administration wants to screw you over and the halls are roamed by the beast of Big Red. Where you can pee on the floor in the library and not get in trouble, take shits in bags and leave them around, and put freshmen in trashcans. The most vibrant place for socializing. Home to Ichabod the Patriot, who murders his enemies on the field of battle. Where going to a hockey game meant getting wasted and cheering for hits even though the team was behind. Getting breathalyzed at prom, Getting halo on the schools mainframe, and getting suspended for having a butter knife in your car. One of the best high schools in Pennsylvania. Know for its pranks, particularly digging up a dead body and hanging it on the flag pole, it will be the most mesmerizing experiences of your life.
by Dono McHenrypoo November 09, 2009
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