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The Great Northern Train Wreck or GNTW is an explicit sex move involving five males and two females. The steps to performing the GNTW are as follows:
1) Male #1 sits on chair.
2) Female #1 rides Male #1 facing away from him.
3) Male #2 does a hand stand in front of Female #1.
4) Female #1 insert Male #2s penis into her mouth.
5) Female #2 stands behind Male #2 and feasts on his anus.
6) Male #3 lies on his back, between Female #2 legs and Male #2s arms.
7) Female #2 rides Male #3.
8) Male #4 stands directly behind Female #2 and rams her anus with his penis.
9) Male #5 puts his feet on Male #4s shoulders and hands on Male #1s shoulders. Arching over top of the rest of the party.
10) Female #2 gives a hand job to Male #5.

Note: Warnings must be given before loads are blown.
Hey Chris, Julian, Scott and Adam, lets Great Northern Train Wreck those two hoes!
by CJSA January 13, 2010
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