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Great Britain, the greatest, the proudest, one of the intelligent countries on earth.
Britain: Invented Industrial Revolution, The Computer, The Worldwide Web. The British invented many inventions used by America.

Britain: America decended from. 79% Of Americans have a British surname.

Britain: Influences America in all ways, America name their cities after Britain. (New England) (New London) (Leicester) (Manchester) (Birmingham) (Redding) (Lancaster) Ect.

Britain: Holds the worlds largest Empire of all time.
Namely Rule Britannia.
As this is fact, I believe many Americans hate the fact that such a small Island like Britain ruled 1/4 of the planet including their American land.

America: Claim they "kicked our asses" in the war of Independence, (Revoltuinary war) but purposely forget to mention that they single handed couldn't defeat us.
As long as they pray to who ever it is they pray to.. at nights, mornings, ect. and thank the French in their prayers they should be fine.
The war of 1812, where the British defending Canada against American invasion. Britain: The winner.

America: Always say "we saved your asses" in world war two. a certain extent, that is true...but, it wasn't America by themselves who saved the day.
All three allied victory powers, (America) (Britain) and (Russia) were all vital.
Russia defeated 75% of the German forces alone.
Britain held it's own for a period of time and fought off the Nazi aircrafts with the RAF although outnumbered.

Americans attacking from the Atlantic ocean would of been impossible. Americans needed Britains airbases to attack and invade Germany from. Along with further British Colonial reinforcements across the globe. (Royal Navy).

America: Electrocutes people, Gasses them.
America: Arrested for Jay-walking.
America: Pays for Hospital treatment.

Britain: NHS free healthcare.
Britain: spreaded the most populer language on earth.

America: Invent Sports such as American football.
If you havn't heard of that sport, it's probably because only Americans play it. It's moreless a British game but with the body armor and helmits called Rugby where Americans got their idea from.

Americans play Baseball, another British idea from a girls game called "rounders" which is infact Baseball but without the fancy gear that "Yanks" wear.

Britain is by far the best Country in the world.
I think Americans know this and the majority of them who actually do know this, no matter what the arrogant Yanks say, are very polight and respectable.

America: Money, Power, But bad undereducated history classes.

America: Think they're always right when they have the worse educational system on earth.
by Rule Britannia0116 July 28, 2009
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