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Something (or someone) either super awesome, super sexy, or super ... greasy
"He was so greasy that he slid right off the cross and into our hearts"

"Greased Jesus is on my side tonight"

"That hat is ugly, and she paid 40 dollars for it. It's ridiculous. Greased Jesus would not approve."

"He sneaks around your room at night...except he just sort of slides around on the floor...unfortunately, he's too greasy to do much.
by marmar216 May 18, 2009
26 3
Someone/something incredibly amazing, greasy, sexy, or all of the above.
"So greasy, he slid right off the cross and into our hearts."

"go greased jesus go greased jesus GREASED JESUS go greased jesus"
by ayam_lyresh June 18, 2009
17 6