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Means "beautiful" in Lithuanian. This name was created by Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz for his poem 'Grażyna' (1823)
You really are the grazyna of my life!
by oygbo February 03, 2010

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beautiful lithuenian name polish
Lech's fat Polish Mum
Is Grazyna coming to the party tonight?
No. She's sleeping with Lech
by Lech May 06, 2005
Lech's Mum. She is Polish and she loves a bit of black cock!!!
Lech Sikora Sikorski's Mum.
by Hardeep Sohanpal April 29, 2005
a polish woman who is otherwise known as a whore!
The mother of Lech's in Bromley
by Hardeep Sohanpal April 29, 2005