1.)a sound made to imply something sexy or provocative
2.)the sound that tigger makes
1.)hey babe (grawr)
2.)"Grawr I'm Tigger"
by PROJECT DIRECTOR April 04, 2008
To feel extremely hungry.
John: Hungry?
Sarah:Yesss. Guess what I'm eating..
John: Chicken Fingers....
Sarah:..ew stalker
by John Go Dave Barlaan May 11, 2008
grr and rawr infused into one word
grawr what a bighter he stole my word
by ahhh its da biz January 31, 2008
1.The combination of the words Grr and Rawr. Thus creating GRAWR. 2. A random word that I made up because I was bored. 3. A word that prople think I'm crazy when I say it.
Person 1: OMG, you're so annoying,
Person 2: GRAWR!!!! Leave me alone!!!!
by MFL December 29, 2007
The word my friend Sarah came up with to try and steal my word "rawr"

so in other words, it's a knock off of "rawrg"
Demi! i made up a new word too! GRAWR.
by IHateSporks August 24, 2008
A sort of friendly, silly word whch may have many meanings. used mainly on the internet
1.In Disagreement.
2.A sort of stupid monster sound.

first person:Hahahaahahaha my domos eat you!!
second person:No you shant!! grawr!!!
by Gabrielle April 04, 2005
grawr is a word made up one day when i became really angry.
its is "rawr" with some oomph.
"GRAWR! That test was really hard"
by Rose January 19, 2005

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