The sound used to describe a sabertooth tiger attack
And i saw it coming at me, with two giant teeth, and god dammit it was just GRAWR!

"Oh God! it was GRAWR-ed and spittle flew everywhere I think some landed in my mouth and then it just flew away like they are wont to do
Are we talking about the same thing?
You mean sabertooth tiger attacks?
by Ferrovir July 12, 2011
is the combination of grrrr...and rawr.
it shows anger or a sign of random talking.
GRAWR! I'm late!
by BHY November 23, 2006
Grr bangs Rawr.
Rawr gets knocked up.
They go to the planed parenting clinic, and try to get an abortion but learn that they are to far along.
So then they are in denial and they pretend like Rawr isnt pregnant.
Then the little dinosaur word baby pops out and grr and rawr havent thought of a name.
Last minute they choose grawr
=] grawrr
by AHHHGRAWRAHHH! June 15, 2011
it means fiestier than fiesty. more aggressive. something you might say in during intense intercourse.
person one: grawr!!! this is so intense
person two: grawr i know babe.
by geexdeex3 January 01, 2010
Similar to rawr, only more ganster and therefore more awesome.
That song is so grawr, it's Gangster Rawr
by Sharan S September 15, 2007
A GRR RAWR hybrid word
Jacob: GRR
Brittany: RAWR
Jacob: GRAWR
by Jables246 February 15, 2009
A word of frustration. Usually used in IM chat and email. A combo of Grrr and Roar.
Bob: So... did you study well for the big test tomorrow?
Joe: Test?
Bob: The history test? That's worth half of our mark? Didn't you study?
Joe: GRAWR! I didn't know we had a test! Better go and study right now.
(Joe has signed of at 11:20 pm)
by SmithIrene April 12, 2008

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